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How do I replace a lost AT&T phone?:Step by step guide

If you’ve lost your AT&T phone, you can easily replace it. You also have the option to track your location.

If you use an AT&T phone insurance, it may malfunction or be lost. If that happens, you can request a replacement. It will be sent to you free of charge. Before you replace your lost or stolen AT&T device, you should try to find it. Don’t be too quick to report it as lost or stolen. You may have lost it in your home or office. If you can’t find, please suspend your service. Lock it so the thief can’t use it.

Options to replace your device

1. You can file an insurance claim if your device is protected

2. If you own another device, return it to AT&T

3. Buy a new phone. you can pay the full price of the phone or use an installment plan

4. Buy an AT&T Certified Pre-Owned phone

Use AT&T Phone Locator

If you’re a parent, you can track your child’s lost phone using AT&T’s phone locator. You can use the FamilyMap feature to monitor multiple AT&T phones.

1. Create your FamilyMap account

2. Buy AT&T FamilyMap subscription or use free trial

3. Add your family members’ phone numbers to your dashboard

4. Get a password to set

5. Visit AT&T FamilyMap with any device and you’ll find your family member’s location.

6. You can get the AT&T FamilyMap mobile app to track other users on your smartphone

If you’ve added your device to someone’s FamilyMap account, they can help you track it down. To find your device, it must be in AT&T coverage and it must be turned on. If it is off, it can only track your previous location.

Make an insurance claim

You must subscribe to AT&T Wireless within 30 days of purchasing or upgrading your device. AT&T has three levels of insurance. Each of them is unique. Understand the advantages of each of them before you buy it.

You’ll get a replacement for your lost, damaged or stolen phone. You can change your level of insurance whenever you want.

If covered, contact AT&T to claim your insurance. AT&T offers insurance through its Asurion insurance site. Login to your website and tap on the ‘Start Claim’ option. Enter your mobile phone number and your password.

Complete the claim form and click ‘Submit Claim’.

Make your replacement claim as soon as possible. If you wait more than 60 days, you will have to pay the full price for a replacement phone. Before submitting your form, please verify that all of your information is correct. Do not file a claim unless it is truthful. If you do, you may have legal problems.

Your replacement phone can be shipped in one to three days. If you filed your claim on a weekend, it can be sent to you in two to three days. Monday-Friday claims are shipped the next day. When you receive your new phone, you can start using it right away.

AT&T requires you to pay a deductible for your device regardless of your insurance coverage. The deductible depends on your phone.

If you need help from AT&T, you can seek help from their support team. The best way to contact AT&T is by phone. You have the opportunity to speak directly with a representative.

If you don’t necessarily need to speak to a representative, you can seek help by email. Send them an email with the details of your problem and the type of help you would like to receive. You can also find help on the help desk, Facebook, and Twitter.

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