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How Do I Check Who Likes My Facebook Page?

Using a Facebook page to cultivate a following for your company or brand is a smart move. Your Fb page provides essential information about your clients, such as who likes your page, how old your followers are, and where they live.

Understanding how to locate this information can be challenging, but it can significantly enhance your ability to comprehend your customers. This article explains how to view who facebook likes/follows your Facebook page on your computer and in the Android / iOS app, Facebook page analytics, and the Benefits of knowing who is following and liking your Facebook Page.

How to View the Facebook Fans of Your Page

Facebook makes it simple to view the information of everyone who has liked your Facebook Page. But, it’s not visible if you don’t know where to look. This article explains how to determine who has liked your Facebook page by locating the relevant information on your page.

Facebook gives distinct lists of the individuals and Pages who have liked your Page. Listings are sorted by the most recent ‘likes’ of your Facebook page.

Who has liked your Fb page? Here’s how to find out.

Using a desktop, tablet, or laptop:

1. Visit your company’s Facebook page. Please connect to Facebook before continuing.

2. Go to the “Settings.” (Refer to the Smartphone instructions further down the page.)

In the “Settings” window, select “People and Other Pages” from the list of options on the left-hand side of the screen.”

The ‘People and Other Pages’ section:

As soon as you go to the ‘People and Other Pages’ tab, you’ll get an inventory of “People Who Like This Page.” 

• Their Facebook profile photo

• Their given name

•The date when they first liked your Facebook page.

It is possible to skim through the names of those who have liked your Facebook page, with the most recent likes at the top, or you may use the search section to find a specific name.

Right-click on the ‘People Who Like This Page’ column and select ‘Discover Pages That Have Liked This Page’.

The Page’s name, its profile picture, and the date it liked your page will be included in the list.

On mobile:

  • Visit your company’s Facebook page. Please connect to Facebook before continuing.
  • Click the “More” tab that displays adjacent to and below your Page’s cover image.
  • Scroll to “Edit Settings” and click it.
  • Scroll through the ‘Settings’ section until you reach ‘People and Other Pages.’
  • Make your selections from the menu options provided.
  1. Pages that like this page.
  2. People who like this page. 
  3. People and pages that have been banned.

Banning Pages or People From Your Fb Page and Deleting Fb Page Likes!

Facebook gives you two options:

  1. “Remove Page Likes” and 
  2. “Ban From Page” anyone who has liked your page. 

By banning a user or Page, they’ll be unable to publish, comment, or take any other action on your page.

Facebook Page Analytics!

Your Facebook page provides a variety of information on the individuals who have liked it.

After reviewing the names and images of folks who have “liked” your Page, navigate to the Insights page. The Insights tab is positioned at the very top of your Page, right beneath the primary dark blue Facebook bar.

The Insights page includes information regarding Likes, Reach, Page Views, Page Actions, Posts, People, etc.

You’ll be able to figure this out:

• Where and how many of your followers are located in various cities/countries.

• When your target audience is online.

• What ratio of your admirers are men or women. 

• What is the age distribution of your fans?

• How many individuals your material reaches, and more!

The Benefits of knowing who is following and liking your Facebook Page!

• Like Quality Test

Is the individual who just Liked your Fb Page high-quality? It’s an important question when using Like Booster advertising or purchasing like boosting services. In brief, to distinguish between genuine and false Likes.

• Access your client profile

Fb displays in the insights,

  • Gender
  • Age
  • geographical stats
  • Percentage of people who liked your Fb page.

You can also access the profiles of customers who have liked your Fb Page in this manner.

• Unblock a consumer you have pardoned.

After you’ve forgiven the customer and regained your composure, you can utilize this method to unblock him/her.

• Block a person you deem dangerous

People that have liked your Facebook page can be identified by their names. If you don’t desire them to follow your business, you can ban their accounts.

That’s the whole story! Do you plan to include this feature in your marketing or business strategy? Leave a comment in the comment box if you found this content helpful and it helped you. BoostIgLikes would love to hear from you. To improve the quality of our material, we need your help. Sincerely, 

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