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How do citizens of the US apply for an Indian visa?

Are you a US citizen looking to apply for an Indian visa? High ranking among the countries that have a rich tourism industry, India offers many historical landmarks and exotic cities that attract millions of people every year from all over the world. Before traveling to India from the United States, however, tourists, students, and those planning to work in India must apply for an Indian visa and already have a valid passport.US travelers need a visa to enter India. At this time, American citizens can get a visa to India for a short stay. In 2014, the country first introduced an electronic visa system that allows citizens of more than 60 countries to apply for their visas online. In the following years, India added more countries to the qualifying list US citizens are eligible for an e-visa from India, which is a multi-entry visa.

American travelers can obtain an electronic visa for travel, business, or medical purposes. Many Americans choose the country as their holiday destination and look for the best time of year to visit India. In order to experience what this nation has to offer, Americans must meet the online visa requirements described below. Citizens of the US can easily apply Visa for Indian online.

Helpful information on getting an Indian tourist visa

Visa applications cannot be approved by the Indian Embassy unless the applicant shows proof of purchasing a round trip ticket to India. This ticket must also prove that the applicant wants to leave India within six months of arrival. Once the visa application is approved, visitors can change their itinerary but must attach a copy of their initial booking to the visa application.

The information required to apply for a tourist visa in India includes employment status, nationality, current nationality and the type of application required. U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining the correct visa applicable to their condition. Generally, exceptions are not granted if a visitor has to change immigration status after entering India (for example, from a tourist visa to a student visa).

The US Department of State’s website states that Indian regulations regarding tourist visa requirements change frequently without warning or prior notice. For this reason, they strongly urge visitors to check the website of the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC before traveling to India.

Although tourist visas are valid for six months, their validity can be extended to ten years for U.S. citizens through bilateral arrangements. The Home Ministry may demand an assessment of the situation before allowing the person who has passed the time prescribed by the Indian visa to leave the country.

Indian Student / Work Visa

Preliminary requirements for obtaining a student or work visa include verification of joining a recognized Indian university and/or verification of employment opportunities before entering India.

Temporary visas may be issued to students or staff who plan to go to school or work but have not yet finalized the paperwork required to start a job or school program.

Indian business visa

A business visa is valid for six months or a few years if the person’s passport has multiple entry stamps or if the visitor has a document from the sponsoring organization with the application.

Indian business visas are generally granted to people who want to buy or sell goods, establish a business, attend trade fairs or even hire Indian workers for employment purposes.

Duration of Indian Visa for US Citizens Approval 

Depending on the seasonal variations affecting the country’s tourism industry, it may take weeks for Indian visa applications to be approved. Also, India is becoming one of the major economic powers in the world and is currently growing rapidly in its business sector. The flow of business visa applications may delay the processing of tourist, workplace, or student visas.

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