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How Coir Mats make a Durable and Eco-Friendly Décor Options

Coir has been a relatively fibrous and tough material manufactured from the outer husk of the coconut. You could make high-quality doormats using this material. However, let us see how Coir Mats could be extracted and made into high-quality doormats.

Understanding Coir

The brown and round part of the coconut is the fruit. The fibrous and tough material is known as coir. It comes from the outer husk of the coconut. It would be best defined as the thick husky layer surrounding and protecting the fruit. When you remove the thick husky layer, it could be processed into coir.

Let us delve into the steps to process coir out of the husky thick layer of coconut.

  • Foremost, de-hunk the coconut to separate the consumable inner seed.
  • Secondly, the entire husk should be removed and soaked in water for a significant length of time. It enables the growth of microbes. They feed on the softer parts of the fruit and leave the raw coir unharmed. It entails fibers known as coconut dust to be used as loose material but is discarded in the coir mats making process.
  • The extracted coir would undergo the beating process in the quick rotating drum. Use metals bars to loosen the fibers.
  • Finally, place the loosened fibers in a slow-rotating drum to separate the fibers by length. Rest assured that only long fibers would be used for making mats. The small fibers would be used as padding materials. The fibers of medium length would be used for making coir. The longest fibers would be used for making ropes and twines.
  • Appropriate length coir fibers would be gathered, assembled, and bundled to manufacture mats of various shapes, designs, and sizes.

Coir could be used for manufactured high-quality doormats due to its high durability and weather-resistant features. The material could be used for making outdoor mats. Coir mats have resistance features toward the harmful UV rays. You could enjoy the rusty feel given by coir mats to the ambiance. Rest assured coir mats would be best suited in areas having high variation in temperatures or receiving heavy rainfall. These highly sustainable mats would suit your needs and budget.

The ultimate door accessory

If you were contemplating, placing something at the front door that lasts for a significant length of time while withstanding the heavy traffic in the area, rest assured coir mats would be your best bet. Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your coir mats would be relatively easier. Picking the coir mat and giving it a few shakes would be adequate to clean the mats. You could also hit the coir mats on the back or vacuum it for thorough cleaning. These natural fiber mats have become immensely popular worldwide. You could decompose the mats easily thereby making coir mats environmentally friendly and sustainable décor items.

To conclude

Coir mats have been both durable and environmentally friendly. These could be placed anywhere in the home to provide safety on slippery floors. However, use anti-slip mats with rubber padding. Coir mats could also be used in refineries having high oil spillage.