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Located between two great ancient civilizations, the South Asian and the Middle Eastern, Sindh enjoyed a degree of islolation throughout its history due to physical barriers on its three sides, a vast desert in the east, an ocean in the south and mountain in ranges in the west. Only in the north it is connected with plains of the Punjab through a bottleneck of the Indus, he added. He said that the Sindh has been destination of several migrations in the history of mankind, mainly due to upheavals taking place beyond its borders. All these factors have afforded Sindh to chart a peculiar course of history and to develop its distinct culture. This seminar focuses on history, culture, language, archeology, anthropology, cusine, arts and crafts of the Sindh.

Delegation Of China’s South China University Of Technology, Guangzhou Visits Smiu

The Governor of Sindh said that in an age when there was a lack of quality research work in the country that book was based on good research that depicted real life of the father of the nation and conveyed the message of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to its readers. He said that being the head of the alma mater of the founder of Pakistan, it was part of Dr Shaikh’s responsibilities to write such a wonderful tome given the fact that most details about the Quaid were available with the SMIU. The first round of 20th All Pakistan Inter-University Declamation Contest for “Award of Allama Iqbal Shield” was held at the Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium on Thursday. Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University was the chief guest.

The firm, as part of a consortium, is advising the privatisation commission on the privatisation of SME Bank Private Limited (“Bank”). The scope of work includes conducting an extensive due diligence on the Bank, preparing necessary transaction documents, advising the client on the process of privatisation, including the application of public sector legislation. The advice is more holistic based on the understanding of the business with future vision. Mustafa Munir Ahmad is a thoroughly brilliant barrister and a cut-throat negotiator, but one of the most professional.

Sindh Madressatul Islam University Organizing National Seminar On Higher Education In Pakistan: The Way Forward On 16th October

He said that SMIU is the only university in the country that has included the subject of human rights in its course. He also said that a BS program about the human rights would be introduced in the university from the Fall session. She stressed upon the youth to spread awareness about human rights through their activities including social media. She said that it is necessary to aware people about their rights, which are linked with human rights also. President Arif Alvi also said that now the fourth industrial revolution is coming in the country, hence youth have to play their positive role in it for the betterment of Pakistan. Talking about the role of women in the development of the country, he said that Pakistan couldn’t move forward without women participation in every field of the country.

For people with severe liver disease or impending liver failure, organ transplantation may be an option. Unlike some organ transplants, such as kidney transplants, liver transplants are complex procedures that have not had high long-term success rates. Fortunately, new techniques and drugs are improving the outcome of liver transplants. Current success rates range between 60 and 80 percent, with more than half of recent transplant recipients surviving more than five years. Most of these people have an excellent prognosis for leading healthy, normal lives.

Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh said that SMIU and SU should cooperate with each other in the field of education, which will benefit to China and Pakistan simultaneously. Dr Shaikh stated that China has about 1000 public sector universities and about 600 private sector universities, having about 1600 universities in nook and corner of the country. He said the universities, the SMIU delegation visited in Hainan Province, were most developed and offered state-of the art laboratories and other academic facilities. Four Chinese universities of Hainan Province and Sindh Madressatul Islam University from Sindh province of Pakistan have agreed to establish “Sindh – Hainan Educational Forum” under China and Pakistan partnership.

Meanwhile, VC SMIU Prof. Dr. Mujeebuddin Sahrai Memon also visited Mazar-e-Quaid and laid floral wreath at the mazar. The webinar was also addressed by Dr. Raza Kazmi, Dr. Shujah Ahmed Mahessar, Dr. Arshad Javed and Samad Abbass. He said that the SMIU has celebrated the birthday of Mr. Jinnah with great fervor and enthusiasm. He said that a webinar has also been arranged on the struggle of Mr. Jinnah in the political arena of the Sub-Continent.

Two years back, after the anti-encroachment drive

“Two years back, after the anti-encroachment drive the land was vacated and it was decided that this plot will be converted into an educational oasis.” VC Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh told. The new state of the art of SMIU Model Schools was inaugurated on Monday, by the vice chancellor of SMIU, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh where a ribbon cutting ceremony was also held. The academic council also approved the teaching of Sindhi and an international language from the next semester. The meeting was attended by the Deans, Why Is There A Giant Health Bar In The Sky? Professors and the concerned department of ORIC. The meeting was aimed to oversee the matters related to the research publications and cater to research remuneration for faculty members. Our key role is to focus and improve research work, he said and added further “We are devoted to promoting research culture at the SMIU and in this regard supporting environment should be provided at the best level to the faculty members”.

“Education is not only reading and writing process, but it is to serve the community, society and the country,” the president of HBL said and added that, to achieve such objectives students must believe in merit, hard work and honesty. Similarly, he said that we have also included other parts of the city in the research study on pollution. He suggested that the researcher should conduct study on air and noise pollution separately. Talking on the career in education, Dr Shaikh said that it is also a problem of the entire country that the competent persons are not willing to join field of education as a profession. Therefore, de-motivating factors behind career choice in education field should be found through research study.

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