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Home game testing by dock10 studios in the UK

The event was followed by months of technical testing and upgrading between Arena Television and Doc10, which together completed direct testing of the new “Virtual Gallery” solution. BBC Sport’s production team was based in Dock 10, reducing the number of teams and sets in the field.

Joe Noonan, Arena TV commercial manager

claims that the remote gallery solution gives the production team the same control over production values ​​as the program had, and the success of this test shows that it can ensure that games play just as smoothly Played as much on the site.

“Transit transmitters stand to give their audiences maximum competition for live sports, and more extensive galleries reduce costs and minimize environmental impact,” he said.

At Dock10 Studio, customers can manage multiple games and events in a single day from a single site.

“To reduce travel and increase efficiency.”

 “This could be the new standard for the NBA,” says Andy Waters, head of Doc10 Studios. “Since all the camera channels are sent to our gallery, we can also offer people different alternative live channels for different channels and different versions of the game.”

“When we look at the many potential benefits that a remote kitchen solution can bring, the success of our direct trial with 스포츠중계 is a step in the right direction.

Arena Television Limited. Offers multi-camera broadcast and newsgathering services, while supporting multi-camera coverage of sporting events, concerts and large studio broadcasts.

Telemetric ‘Cuomo’ says that both before and after the coronavirus, television stations around the world were increasingly forced to do more with less.

“It’s a fact that many of them have reduced their capital budgets.

 “They see every cut in their operating budget,” he said. “It just caught our eye at the time.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcasters were told to build remote production facilities that everyone in the professional broadcasting world thought they’d seen.

Look at the solutions developed for the distribution of COVID-19, appreciate the work transmitted, recognize the growing pain and also recognize that the performance was not very high, but to replicate these new everyday solutions is a great opportunity for. Development

“We are investing heavily in both robots and control systems, which is very good for our customers because we can integrate a lot of different devices that are not normally expected on a robotic control panel,” Cuomo said.

Telemetry products also change variations to allow transmitters to enter the world of robotic camera control, but they are not ready to jump completely, meaning a single device can be added to functionality and functionality can be increased.

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