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High Five Coffee Shop review

It is the High Five Coffee Bar is a bakery and coffee shop that is located in a bustling area in Downtown Asheville, NC. It’s a stylish trendy, contemporary, trendy place to enjoy an iced coffee or cup of Joe. They are simple but make it interesting by offering various options for the essential ingredients. There are dairy-free milk options, including difficult-to-locate oat milk as well as all the standard coffee shop drinks you’re used to.

Fruits such as kombucha, homemade bagsels and baked goods are on the shelves. The seating area is comfortable with tables made of branches of trees. Simply put your legs together to get comfortable at this small table. There’s also a bar , where you can sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee or tables for larger parties. Lots of lighting due to the large windows.

The employees of The High Five oakland coffee shops are extremely impressive in the field of coffee. Baristas are trained by their Asheville Training Center which teaches baristas about the quality of water as well as the texture of the milk, the dose and more. necessary to create a perfect cup of espresso.

This is made possible through the collaboration that Counter Culture Coffee has with Counter Culture Coffee who supplies the beans used in High Five Coffee Bar. High Five Coffee Bar. Counter Culture Coffee is based in Durham, North Carolina. Counter Culture Coffee also has training facilities located in Asheville, NC to train new employees. This provides a local coffee-drinking experience at The High Five Coffee Bar.

French Press or. Pour OverWhich is more delicious, French pressed or poured over coffee? It’s time to try both to determine which is serving Asheville better. The beans are all of Counter Culture, a local Asheville roaster, which makes this an authentic micro-local coffee experience. Don’t ever turn that up while in a city such as Asheville, NC. Test both French press and pour over techniques in High Five Coffee Bar. High Five Coffee Bar.

Barista’s Choice

Important travel tip: If you can select the coffee of your choice most of the times you must. Note: Make sure you make sure to check the price first in case you’re getting a top-quality product. The barista’s selection could consist of homemade caramel syrup as well as mocha sauce. In addition, you have the an opportunity to try the latest coffee drink that will make you think.

Sweet Smoothies

Smoothies made with fresh fruit continue to be a favorite in cafes. At The High Five Coffee Bar, the smoothies are a hit. There is a berry selection with peanut butter as well as a unique blend of peaches, almond butter and cayenne are also available.

Herbal and Looseleaf Teas

In most coffee shops typically, there’s a certain kind of tea that is typically packaged. There is a wide selection of teas. If your gathering is an assortment of flavors including herbals and espressos This coffee shop is an ideal fit.

Chai Town

A good mix of various teas can include Chai Latte and dirty chai. To be clear, a chai Latte is a mix of milk that has been steamed and hot Chai tea. A dirty chai can be described as the similar, but with espresso shots.

Insider’s Tips:

Choose The Barista’s Choice if you want coffee or a non-caffeinated beverage. The carefully chosen flavors will be in tune with the temperature in the seasons.
If you’re driving, they provide free parking directly across between the restaurant and the road.
If you intend to connect to the WiFi, you can use it for two hours at no cost. You must purchase something else to receive an additional two hours of internet connectivity.
There are plenty of spots to work and relax if you’re planning to be staying for a long time.
The latte comes in one size that can be used by all and does not allow to adjust the sizes.

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