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Here’s Why You Need a Netgear Router

Wondering why you need a router? Can’t you just use a regular modem? What difference is it going to make to have a Netgear router? These are everyday users’ questions. It happens when you don’t have complete knowledge about routers and their functioning. So, this article will be your guide to understanding the significance of having a Netgear router.

Here are a few reasons why you get a Netgear router, perform a Nighthawk router setup, and utilize its features as soon as possible. Without further delay, let’s get going. Read on.

Reasons to Have a Netgear Router

Sharing Internet Connection

A Netgear router is a device that permits the users to share a single internet connection in your house. You don’t have to get a new internet connection specifically for a particular use apart from the one already installed in your house.

Rather, you get access to the WiFi network transmitted by the router that you installed. A router strengthens the modem’s WiFi signals. Hence, you can access internet service over your WiFi-enabled devices without any hassle.

Secure Internet Access

Connecting your computer directly to the internet opens your computer to numerous threats. On the other hand, using a Netgear router ensures there is a filter between your computer and the digital world. It might not be as effective as using an antivirus or firewall software. However, it is better than nothing to protect your privacy.

In a nutshell, installing a Netgear router is going to increase your security. A few Netgear router models have built-in VPN features. It comes in handy when you access your professional work from your home. Hence, the security keeps the data safe and secure.

Dynamic Router Features

Without using a router, the computer will be connected to the digital world directly. There won’t be any changes in its functionality. Hence, you are more prone to online threats like bugs, viruses, malware, and hackers. However, installing a Netgear router changes this game completely.

The dynamic router feature comes in handy in keeping all the online threats at bay. Using this feature, the router finds the best way to stay in contact with the digital world. Apart from it, having a router further avoids data collision by using different ways to transmit data digitally. Just make sure you properly do the Netgear Nighthawk setup for the router.

Using NAT

Connecting your home WiFi network to the internet seems nearly impossible without using a NAT feature. NAT stands for Network Address Translation which comes in handy to connect every device connected to the home WiFi. With this feature, a single public IP address is assigned to your network.

Hence, it makes your computer or laptop free from any online threat since the IP address relates to your router. So, the filtering of data comes to play when you have a Netgear router. That is one of the best reasons why you should have a Netgear router.

Battles Excess Digital Traffic

A single direct connection to the internet without any router is limited to certain data transmission. In such cases, you might experience slow internet speed issues along with slower data transfer. When you use a Netgear router, you get different features for the faster transfer of data.

Furthermore, nearly all the Netgear router models come with dual or tri bands. Thus, you can simply shift to either of the bands available to improve your internet experience. That is not possible without using a router.

Parental Controls

Having access to the internet means children are more prone to explicit imagery. You cannot simply govern their internet usage all the time. However, you can surely restrict access to explicit data by using the Parental Controls feature of a Netgear router.

Using this feature permits you to ensure your child is away from unwanted information on the web. Hence, it surely is one of the best reasons to get a Netgear router.

Wrap Up

Installing a router is not the end to having a safe, secure, and strong internet connection. Rather, you need to keep the router updated as well. Always check for Netgear firmware updates to ensure your router works efficiently. So, having a Netgear router is surely a thing you shouldn’t miss installing to your home WiFi network.

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