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Here’s How YOU Can Become an HGV Driver

We see them on our roads every day, but have you ever thought about the process pallet carriers go through to deliver your goods? All day, pallet delivery services like PalletOnline work hard to get your precious pallets out to you!

An HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), or LGV (Large Goods Vehicle), driver is responsible for the safe driving of a truck or lorry. The main aim of an HGV driver is to collect and deliver goods to their intended destination.

HGV drivers often work as part of a pallet delivery service or pallet carrier, such as Pallet Online, but they can also work as part of an agency for many different delivery companies, where they accept jobs as and when they come in.

Agency drivers were a godsend throughout the National HGV Driver Shortage as almost 60,000 European drivers were forced to return home through the pandemic.

How do I become an HGV driver for a pallet carrier?

Depending on the route you take, training to be an HGV driver may differ from person to person. You will, however, have to undergo these steps in order to become a fully-fledged HGV driver:

1) Medical – driving an HGV is a huge responsibility, which requires a lot of concentration and planning. After all, you are the biggest vehicle on the road!

In order to drive such a large vehicle in the UK, you are required to undergo a medical test to ensure you can drive safely.

2) Theory – once you’re deemed medically fit to drive an HGV, you’ll then have to complete your theory exam.

This is similar to a test that is taken when learning to drive, but the questions are more specific to driving a HGV.

3) Practical Training – passed your medical and theory exams? Now it’s time to get behind the wheel – finally!

This consists of practical driver training with a fully qualified instructor. You must do at least 5 days of driver training before you can book your…

4) CPC – The CPC exam, short for Certificate of Professional Competence, consists of five tests you need to pass to be deemed officially competent to drive a heavy goods vehicle.

The government also offer an apprenticeship scheme, where you can earn a wage whilst learning the ins and outs of driving an HGV.

How long does it take to become an HGV driver?

Just like learning to drive a car, how long it takes to train to become an HGV driver is different from person to person. The practical training only takes around five days, however, the entire process can take around 8-10 weeks.

What are licence classes?

When you first get your HGV licence, you may not be able to drive mega 27 tonners straight away… In order to drive a heavy, articulated lorry you’ll have to take another test to obtain your Class 1 licence.

As soon as you pass all five CPC tests, you’ll be granted with your Class 2 licence. This allows you to drive rigid body vehicles only.

Once you obtain your Class 1 licence, you are then let loose with the articulated vehicles!

How much do HGV drivers earn?

An HGV driver’s salary differs depending on experience. The general starting salary is approximately £21,000 per annum, while the average sits at around £32,100.

PalletOnline’s HGV drivers all started out as beginners, and they love delivering your goods! Why not read up about our pallet delivery service and get a quote?



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