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Helpful information about Occupational First Aid Course Singapore

Taking an Occupational first aid course in Singapore will equip you with the basic knowledge of first aid. This unit aims to develop learners’ practical skills in first aid and to allow them to apply these skills at the workplace. The different industries covered in this unit are hospitality, construction, maritime, oil and gas, chemical, and security. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to apply their newly-learned skills to any kind of incident that they may come across.

Occupational first aid course

An Occupational First Aid Course is required by law for employees of some industries. It teaches participants how to deal with medical emergencies and administer first aid at work sites. This course includes CPR and AED applications and takes three to six hours to complete. The course is designed for adults and is often suitable for children as well. The certificate will last for two years. This course can also be used for training other people in a company.

The course teaches the basics of first aid and safety and is designed to help new first aiders. It is mandatory in Singapore and other countries that employers have to provide enough first aiders. This course will help you increase your awareness of workplace accidents, identify casualties, and optimize health and performance. It will fulfill the first aid certification requirement under the Workplace Safety Health Act. The Ministry of Manpower and Singapore Civil Defence Force recognize this course. This course also teaches you CPR and AED.

Occupational First Aid Courses are required for everyone in the workplace. The course is 25 hours in length and includes lessons about first aid legislation, workplace safety, chemicals, and accident prevention. Students will practice CPR and other emergency procedures, and participate in role-play sessions to learn how to handle different emergency situations. The course is conducted in Mandarin and English. Once completed, the certificate is valid for two years. Alternatively, you can choose to undergo a three-day refresher course to recertify your certificate.

Requirements for taking the course

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has requirements for learning service providers who wish to conduct an occupational first aid course. These learning providers must be accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council, which will replace the MOM’s Accredited Training Provider Scheme. Successful completion of this course is equivalent to a certification valid for two years. Apart from a good knowledge of first aid, learners should be physically fit and have some knowledge of how to render assistance in an emergency.

The Occupational First Aid course is designed to equip participants with basic knowledge and skills in first aid, safety, and CPR+AED. This course is mandatory under the Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006 and requires participants to have a basic level of literacy and numeracy. The course includes both theoretical and practical components. You must also be a member of a union during the course and pass the prescribed exams to be eligible to receive your certificate.

During the practical sessions, participants must have the ES WPLN Level 5 certification. Otherwise, they will be unable to successfully complete the course. Those with underlying medical conditions should also seek written clearance from their doctor. Similarly, pregnant women should avoid certain activities such as CPR. In such cases, it is advisable to seek special assistance from ES WPLN. The course also includes medical evaluations and a comprehensive assessment.

Cost of the course

Occupational First Aid (OFA) is a nationally accredited course that gives you the necessary skills to provide emergency care in the workplace. This course is compulsory under the Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006 and covers the basics of first aid and medical emergencies. You will learn CPR and AED applications, and will practice how to administer first aid in a variety of workplace scenarios. It also involves role playing exercises. The course is offered in both English and Mandarin. There is a 3-day refresher course for those who wish to recertify their certificate.

An MOM-approved Occupational First Aid course in Singapore will take twenty-four hours and costs about $300. The course teaches employees how to administer first aid to colleagues and co-workers, including CPR. It is essential for every business in Singapore to include first aid training in their occupational safety program. It also costs about S$80 to S$200 to purchase and maintain a first aid kit. Additionally, every business must meet the MOM’s requirements.

The Ministry of Manpower requires learning service providers to obtain the ISO 29990:2010 learning service provider (LSP) certification. This is the new certification scheme that will replace the MOM Accredited Training Provider Scheme. Successful completion of the course will earn you a two-year certificate. It’s important to note that you must be in good physical condition to take this course. This will help you provide immediate assistance to people in need.

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