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Health Insurance vs. Trauma Insurance: Should I Have Both?

Is your medical insurance in need of a partner? Or perhaps you’re looking into your alternatives and want to know how healthcare and trauma coverage can be combined?

Trauma and healthcare insurance appear to have the same goal: to provide much-needed financial assistance if you get extremely ill. However, if you dig behind the surface, you’ll notice that they’re pretty different, and based on your needs, they can really complement one another.

So here are some crucial points to remember, including what trauma coverage is, when it’s a good idea to consider it, and also how health and trauma insurance may be integrated into a full protection plan.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance seems to be a powerful form of protection, but it’s also one that’s frequently misunderstood. Trauma insurance, often known as ‘Critical Illness Cover,’ is intended to pay you a tax-free lump – sum payment if you’re afflicted with one of the plan’s 40+ catastrophic injuries’ or illness.

Conditions that are covered differ according on the insurer, however cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and terminal disease are almost always insured (Unless, of course, you are specifically excluded owing to a pre-existing health condition).

Trauma insurance gives flexibility in moments of need, so that you can utilize the lump-sum money anyway you want. You can put the tax-free lump sum toward whatever you want: experimental therapies, time off work, or maybe even a long-overdue vacation with your family. Many individuals use it to pay for extra expenses like babysitting or cleaning purposes, as well as to pay off their house and/or credit debt.

What is the purpose of trauma insurance?

In principle, if you’re younger, healthy, and have no dependents or obligations, you may not require trauma coverage at this time. However, you may also want to think about it again in the coming years.

Please remember that coverage isn’t just for the accomplishments you’ve already made; it can also cover the road you’ll take to get there. A trauma insurance quote is worth considering under certain circumstances.

You have people who rely on your employment, and/or you owe a lot of money (such a mortgage or a line of credit), and/or you have a little emergency reserve.

Do you want to find out if trauma insurance is right for you? The answer, as is often the situation with insurance, is contingent on your specific circumstances. Any helpful insurance advisers are available to answer any inquiries you may have.

What about combining trauma and health insurance?

As you may be aware, health insurance is intended to cover some major medical expenses, such as surgery which would otherwise require a medical waitlist, specialist consultations, and testing. It also allows for quicker treatment and diagnosis, eliminating the need to wait in the national healthcare system. However, also with your health insurance helping, the financial burden of a catastrophic illness can be enormous in some cases. That’s where a trauma lump-sum payout can help, giving you more flexibility and options when you need it most.

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