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Gold Rate in India: 26 April 2022

In the Indian market, gold has a lot of sentimental value. Gold is widely considered to be a symbol of wealth and success. Indian women purchase gold jewellery for a variety of reasons. Gold is in high demand, particularly during the holiday season. Furthermore, gold’s price fluctuates on a daily basis. As a result, if you plan to buy gold, checking the current Gold Rate in India can provide you with the most up-to-date yellow metal prices in your area. The vast majority of gold purchases are for gold jewellery. Indian marriages are incomplete unless gold jewellery is purchased.

Gold Rate in different cities of India

Gold price in Mumbai

The majority of Mumbai residents invest in gold or other forms of investment. However, in order to invest in gold, you must first understand the current Gold rate in Mumbai. The current gold rate in Mumbai is INR 5344 per gramme for 24 Karat gold and INR 4899 for 22 Karat gold.

Gold Price in Kolkata

Gold prices in Kolkata can be high one day and low the next, but they fluctuate on a daily basis. As a result, before purchasing gold or making any other investment, it is critical to understand the current rate in Kolkata. The current price of 24 carat gold in Kolkata is INR 5344 per gram, while the price of 22 carat gold is INR 4899 per gram.

Gold Price in Jaipur

The royal families have lived in Jaipur for many years. The demand for gold in Jaipur is increasing. However, before purchasing gold in Jaipur, you should be aware of the current market rate. In Jaipur, the current rate for 24 carat gold is INR 5359 per gram, and the rate for 22 carat gold is INR 4914 per gram.

Gold price in Delhi

Whatever your reason for buying gold in Delhi, whether for jewellery or as an investment, we have you covered. You should be aware of the current price of gold in Delhi. As a result, the current Gold Rate in delhi of 24K gold is INR 5344 per gram, while the price of 22K gold is INR 4899 per gram.

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