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Get Cozy With These Outdoor Tile Fireplaces

When the weather starts to turn cold, it’s only normal to want to put your patio furniture away, put an end to your outside barbecues, and enjoy the rest of the season in the comfort of your own residence. Despite the fact that this is not always true! Even if you don’t have an indoor fireplace, having an outdoor fireplace may help to keep your outdoor space warm and pleasant, especially during the colder months of the year. If you’re warming up to the idea of an outdoor fireplace for your home, here are some outdoor tile fireplace ideas for you.

Black Hexagon Outdoor Tile Fireplace

The back porch is a smart example of how to extend your living room outside, and the hexagon tile fireplace surrounded in black and white is the ideal finishing touch. The white lines on the tiles give the flat surface a textured appearance, and the colors go perfectly with the white and gray checkerboard outdoor tile floor that runs around the room.

Wood-Look Outdoor Tile Fireplace

Is it safe to use the wood that surrounds the fireplace as a hearth?

It is important to determine whether the ceramic tile is, in fact, wood-look ceramic tile or not. In the presence of a flame, ceramic outdoor tile will not melt, burn, or generate dangerous vapors, showing that it is noncombustible in nature. It is possible to build distinctive fireplace surrounds, such as this wood-look tile, because of the fire resilience of ceramic tile, and the stone-look ceramic tile flooring that runs seamlessly from inside to outside lends continuity to these spectacular living spaces.

Herringbone Outdoor Tile Fireplace

Outdoor living is enhanced by the addition of this unique herringbone outdoor tile fireplace design, which includes a reclaimed wood mantle and stone-look tile flooring. Watch the game with a group of friends or steal away for some alone time and a cup of tea – this area is sure to become a family favorite.

Floral Outdoor Tile Fireplace

The usage of floral tile designs, such as the one found on this outdoor tile fireplace, will quickly lift your spirits on chilly evenings.

Multi-Colored Hexagon Tile Fire Pit

It is worth the investment to remodel your backyard patio into a customized outdoor entertainment zone. To complement the terracotta-look flooring, a fire pit and bench surround made of multicolored hexagon tile add a whimsical touch that results in a vivid Mediterranean flare.

Outdoor Fireplace With Arabesque Tile

It is possible to create any style you can imagine with the huge selection of tile shapes, sizes, and colors available. When you return from a refreshing swim, these arabesque tiles are the ideal complement to the pool and patio tiles, helping to create a tranquil hideaway.

Black and White Floral Tile Firebox

A sense of subtle elegance permeates this patio’s central feature. Almost all of the colors in this room are light neutrals, and the black and white floral tiles on the fireplace surround serve to attract the eye to it in a dramatic way, which is perfect for this space.

Ceramic Tile — a Fireplace Material That Can Take the Heat

For both fireplaces and outdoor spaces, a ceramic outdoor tile is a stunning option that is easily tailored for your specific needs. The fact that tile is noncombustible has already been mentioned, but it is also resistant to water, fading, stains, and scratches, and there are varieties available that are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. For all of these reasons, ceramic tile is a great choice for use both inside and outside, in all climates throughout the world. Withstanding heat — as well as whatever else the elements may throw at it — ceramic tile is a durable material that will not break down.

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