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Get a Pathway to PR in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa 485 - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Get a Pathway to PR in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is an Australian visa issued to overseas students who have graduated with a diploma or a degree from an Australian university and want to extend their stay. This visa allows them to stay for 18 months to a maximum of 4 years, depending on the academic qualification and the stream they select. The graduates can work full-time for an Australian company or pursue higher studies during their stay. Among several benefits of this visa, one of the most significant is that it serves as the pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

What Are the Different PR Options You Have After the Expiration of your 485 Visa?

When it comes to staying permanently in Australia, your temporary graduate visa can prove highly beneficial.

Here we discuss several options for turning your Visa 485 into permanent residency.

485 Visa to TSS 482 Visa and ENS 186 Transition Stream

If you have worked for a company that has sponsored you, this option is the best choice. However, remember that one of the primary requirements is to be employed in the nominated occupation or a similar field.

A 2-year work experience will make you eligible for these visas. Because the Post-Study Work Stream under the 485 Visa allows a holder to stay for 2 to 4 years, you can easily meet the essential requirement.

In addition, if you currently reside in a metropolitan area like Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, this visa option will prove more suitable.

485 Visa to ENS 186 Direct Entry Stream

Your employer must also agree to sponsor your stay in Australia for this stream. The key features of 186 Visa are as follows.

  • This PR visa is issued to skilled workers with a nominating employer.
  • Under this scheme, Australian companies can nominate overseas employees who have skills in the relevant job role.
  • The whole visa application procedure involves two steps: a nomination filed by the registered Australian employer and the lodgement of the application by the skilled worker.
  • While applying for this visa, you must be inside or outside Australia. If you are inside, make sure you hold a relevant bridging visa.

You need to show a 3-year work experience for the Direct Entry Stream. A Temporary Graduate Visa 485 helps you to fulfil that.

485 Visa to Skilled Work Visas

The Australian Department of Home Affairs also offers some skilled work visas. The advantage of these visas is that they do not require any employer nomination.

But the two distinct features of these visas are that you have to go through a skills assessment and meet the points score requirement in the points test conducted by the Department. The minimum points requirement is 65 points.

Currently, there are three skilled work PR visas in Australia – Skilled Independent Visa 189, Skilled Nominated Visa 190, and Skilled Regional Visa 887.

The general eligibility criteria for these visas are as follows.

  • You must have skills in the occupation listed on the relevant skilled occupations list for all three.
  • You need to go through a skills assessment test for the nominated occupation.
  • You have to lodge an Expression of Interest and receive an invitation to apply.
  • Satisfying the points score requirement is also necessary.
  • Your age must be between 18 and 44.

Parameters considered in the points test include the applicant’s age, academic qualification, work experience (both abroad and in Australia), English language proficiency, etc. Having Australian work experience will always give you an extra edge. That is where a temporary graduate visa proves highly beneficial.

Also, if you have completed a Professional Year Program in Engineering, Accounting, or IT in Australia, you will receive additional 5 points, further increasing your chances. To enroll in a PYP, holding a temporary graduate visa is mandatory.

The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 is granted to applicants who have stayed and worked in a regional area. Recently, a Second Post-Study Work Stream has been introduced for those who have graduated from a university located in Regional Australia and have stayed in a regional area of Australia with their first PSWS.

This Second PSWS allows students to stay a little longer and can be considered the direct pathway to the 887 Visa.

You will always have the option to hire a migration agent Adelaide to help you with the application procedure.

Check the Eligibility Requirements for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485

You can access these benefits only when you meet all the eligibility criteria for the Graduate Visa 485.

Age Requirement

Your age must be less than 50 at the time of application.

Australian Study Requirements

There are specific Australian study requirements that every applicant needs to satisfy.

  • You must have studied for at least 2 academic years for your graduation. 2 academic years refer to 92 weeks.
  • You should have stayed for at least 16 months in Australia to complete your study.
  • You should have studied in English.
  • Make sure that your course and institute are registered with the CRICOS.
  • You have to start your Visa Subclass 485 application within 6 months of your course completion. Course completion refers to the publication of final results.

Holding an Academic Qualification

You have to hold a diploma or a trade certification for the Graduate Work Stream. But at least a bachelor’s degree is required for the Post-Study Work Stream.

Visa Requirements

  • You must have studied while holding Student Visa Subclass 500.
  • Make sure that you start your 485 Visa application procedure within 6 months of your student visa expiration.

English Language Requirements

An overall IELTS score of 6 is the minimum requirement if you are not from an English-speaking country.

Occupation on the Skilled Occupation List and Skills Assessment

This specific criterion applies when you choose the Graduate Work Stream.

Final Words

To contact a top visa consultant Adelaide, you may consider approaching a reputed migration firm. These firms have provided a range of services over the years and can provide you with the most reliable professionals.

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