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Gas Vs Electric Cooker – How to choose your stove?

When buying a new cooker, you often have to decide between a regular gas cooker and an electric stove. Each has its own pros and cons. A lot of things depend not only on your budget but also on your personal preferences, the type of food you prepare, the space in the kitchen and so on.

Factors To Consider while selecting the cooker:


Electric cookers cost more than gas cookers. However, when making a decision, you should also compare the operating costs of both types of cookers. Because electricity rates are so high in most countries, stove operating costs are relatively low, so it is cheaper to buy a stove in the long run.


In terms of longevity and energy efficiency, it’s important to consider which of these types of cookers can sustain you for a longer period of time. In this regard, the standing gas cooker is the clear winner. Gas cookers last two to five years longer than electric cookers.

Temperature Control 

Electric cookers can be activated by pressing the button. However, on a gas cooker, the flame heats the bottom of the pan faster than on an electric cooker. Moreover, with different button conditions, it becomes easy to control the temperature or heat in the gas cooker. Let’s just say that a gas cooker reacts faster to changes in temperature than an electric cooker.


If you have a growing family, with kids and aged people around, it is best to go ahead with the electric cooktop. Why? Because it is safer! There are no risks of a gas leak. The chances of fire-related incidents have been found to be more prevalent with the gas cookers.

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