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Gas Cooker Prices in Kenya – Buying Guide

A gas cooker is an appliance that primarily uses LPG gas for cooking. It consists of a burner and a grate for mounting cooking equipment. There are generally two main types of gas cookers, namely free standing cooker and tabletop.

Types of Gas Cookers in Kenya

Free standing gas cookers

The standing gas cooker requires no brackets or supports, stand up freely and can have adjustable legs. They usually have more than one burner in most cases. Some are more advanced including an electric burner, which can save you money if you run out of gas unexpectedly.

Table top gas cooker

A table top gas cooker needs additional support for the stand, usually a table is used as a stand. In most cases they have two burners, but it also comes with 3 or 4 burners. Their advantage is that they require less space. They are also almost entirely portable compared to the standalone device.

Buy cooker in Kenya from the best brand – Ramtons

The standing gas cooker is one of the best models from Ramtons; it comes with good features giving it a super performance. The cooker has 3 gas burners and an electroplate that comes as a backup in case you run out of gas. Additional to these is an electric oven that has light bulb to help you see what is going on Inside. For safety, the oven has double glass door, cleaning for the oven is also easy since its removable. The cooker also comes with the auto ignition feature and thermostat. This gas cooker is very affordable and has the best gas cooker price in Kenya.

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