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Four Benefits of Experity EMR For Your Practice

This article will examine some of the key benefits of using an Experity EMR for your practice. These benefits range from Cost to Patient experience to Integration with practice management. Ultimately, if you decide to use Experity, these advantages will increase your bottom line. However, you should keep in mind that not all EMRs are created equal. This article will cover four key benefits to consider when choosing a system.


Before deciding on the cost of Experity EMR, you should first understand how the system is priced. There are two pricing packages: perpetual license and subscription. Perpetual licenses are typically more expensive than subscriptions. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps are accessed over the internet. SaaS systems have lower upfront customization and integration costs, but lack flexibility. The following table details the cost of Experity EMR by package.

This cloud-based EMR and practice management (PM) system is fully compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It features complete charting and clinical workflow solutions. Experity recently merged with DocuTAP and Practice Velocity, combining their offerings to provide complete clinical workflow solutions for on-demand care providers. Experity’s EMR and PM systems are ideal for urgent care clinics and other providers that are not able to invest in an in-house IT department.

Patient experience

The new EMR/PM from Experity is an operating system that is designed with urgent care practices in mind. Its intuitive functionalities allow for a smooth patient experience, as well as improved workflows and business results. A single integrated platform means that everything you need is within reach, from scheduling to reporting. The software also offers a comprehensive range of features and is easy to use. Unlike competing systems, Experity EMR/PM does not require training and is designed for doctors, nurses, and staff members.

The company’s CEO will provide an overview of the current state of healthcare, and will address challenges and opportunities in the market. In addition to discussing the benefits of Experity’s EMR/PM, he will also discuss how the solution can help increase patient loyalty. Automated text message reminders help reduce costs, and can increase patient loyalty. Another notable feature is the ability to provide patient education. A patient can access a full range of information on a single device with just a few clicks.

Integration with practice management

Experity’s EMR/PM is designed to work in tandem with its practice management solution, bringing the power of the system to the clinic. This integrated software solution offers features like integrated telemedicine functionality, e-registration, patient scheduling, and revenue cycle management. It can also help a clinic get paid faster, as it integrates seamlessly with the clinic’s accounting software. In addition to the EMR and PM, the system has integrated solutions for revenue cycle management, patient scheduling, and billing.

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While the integration of Experity EMR with practice management is not a new process, the company’s experts are familiar with the industry’s billing and coding rules. For example, clients have different rules for physician documentation and coding, which means their billing team needs to ensure all invoices comply with the requirements of their particular clients. By integrating data from the EMR with practice management, Experity can help providers gain reimbursement and avoid potential penalties by submitting accurate claims for reimbursement.


There are numerous security benefits of the Experity EMR. The Experity EMR integrates data from a variety of sources, including EMRs, practice management applications, and patient records. Using Experity’s EMR/PM solution, you can expand your practice’s capabilities and reduce risk while increasing provider efficiency. The system also offers a number of patient-facing capabilities that improve patient engagement and transparency into wait times.

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Cloud-based systems can provide a level of security that on-premise systems simply don’t offer. Because the system is hosted by an EMR vendor, security measures are more sophisticated and the cloud provider provides multiple data backups. A medical practice wants to grow as quickly as possible. However, data security is a top priority for every business owner. Fortunately, cloud-based systems are both secure and convenient. Experity EMR users can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and have access to their patient’s records.