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Five Shopping Tips for High Bay Light Fixtures

High bay light fixtures can provide ample illumination for any area when it comes to overhead lighting. High bay Light Fittings products must be chosen carefully to avoid excessive brightness or energy consumption. AGM Electrical Supplies has a wide selection of high-bay lights. We want to help you choose the right one for your space. Learn 5 tips to help you choose the right high bay light fixtures.

1. High Bay Lighting: Check the Ceiling Height

These 5 tips are the most important. Check your ceiling height to ensure high bay lighting. A ceiling that is 16 feet or more from the floor must be high enough to warrant high bay lighting. You can use regular shop lights and low-bay lights if your ceiling is below 16 feet.

2. Make sure to check the type of fixture

Once you’ve measured the ceiling height and determined that high bay lighting is required in your area, you can start shopping. You must ensure that high bay fixtures are specified when you search for high bay lighting fixtures. You will not be satisfied if you use regular lighting instead of LED or fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures to light the space. High bay light fixtures have specific specifications. They are specifically designed to provide high lumen output and reflectors to cast downlight to the floor.

3. Take into account the Lumen Output for each High Bay Lighting Fixture

High bay lighting fixtures have a higher lumen output, which is a measure of how bright the fixture is. Higher lumens will produce a brighter light in your space. To ensure that the light reaches the floor, the fixture must have a high lumen count. The exact lumen output of your space will vary, but high bay lights are the best choice for brightening higher ceilings that require powerful illumination.

4. Take a look at the different types of fixtures based on your space

High bay light fixtures used to be limited in terms of design options. Modern lighting has made this much easier. You can now find a variety of high bay fixtures, including recessed troffers and recessed dome lights. There are also mounted explosion-proof lighting options. When choosing the right layout for your space, you should consider all the options available in high bay lighting products.

5. If possible, opt for LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

There are many reasons why LED high-bay lighting fixtures should be preferred to other options. LED has the best lumen output and consumes the least energy. You get bright, powerful lighting without having to spend a lot on utilities. LED offers greater flexibility in terms of important aspects such as color temperature or color rendering indexes. We don’t mean to say that fluorescent high bay shop lighting isn’t still popular. LED fixtures are a better long-term investment than fluorescent high bay shop lights.

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