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Fine Jewellery Vs Fashion Jewellery: Which Is Right for You?

The terms “fine jewellery” and “fashion jewellery” have definitely crossed your lips before, but do you know what they mean? After all, shouldn’t “fashion” includes excellent jewellery? Here is a short explanation of how these two styles of jewellery differ from one another (and why excellent jewellery always wins the race)!

Fashion jewellery is not made of “real” or valuable materials, but fine jewellery is. Both types of jewellery are gorgeous! We value all finely created jewellery, whether it is made of platinum or quartz. However, we also believe it’s critical to understand the materials jewellery is made of before you buy it.

Some jewellers are often too quick to describe jewellery as “fine” when it may not live up to the description. Buy fine jewellery with knowledge; being aware of the distinction between fashion and fine jewellery will help you make a wise decision that you’ll feel good about.

Fine Jewellery Has Advantages Over Fashion Jewellery

There is no doubt which type of jewellery is preferable when you compare fine jewellery and fashion jewellery to one another. Fine jewellery is made to endure a lifetime and is even capable of being handed down through the generations. A skilled goldsmith can typically fix expensive jewellery when it breaks.

Latest rings in white gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals rings can also be changed over time. It is impossible to resize rings made of non-precious metals.

Fine jewellery also has the advantage of holding its value over time. Fine jewellery has the potential to be handed down through the years as a family heirloom.  Although it does happen, fashion jewellery has no market value and is less likely to be a family heritage.

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Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery is frequently made to seem like fine jewellery. Although it is less expensive, it is nevertheless appealing. But the lower price also means far lower quality. Fashion jewellery can easily harm and turn your skin green or discoloured due to the metals it is made of. Fashion jewellery isn’t built to endure forever, but you can readily replace it if you lose it or damage it.

Fashion jewellery has a short life expectancy since it is comprised of materials that are easily damaged or tarnished. Additionally, once they break, they are nearly impossible to replace because the heat needed to solder the brass or copper parts back together would merely cause the gold or silver plating to turn black.

Fortunately, fashion jewellery is frequently far less expensive than fine jewellery, so a shattered item might easily be completely replaced.

Fashion Jewelry— The Good and Bad


  • Less expensive and easily affordable
  • Good for everyday wear


  • Can easily discolour skin
  • Needs care and maintenance 
  • Won’t last long if worn daily
  • Can break or scratches quickly 

Fine Jewellery

Jewelry composed of pure gold, sterling silver, platinum, and/or other precious metals is referred to as fine jewellery. Genuine valuable stones like actual diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other jewels are frequently used in this type of jewellery. 

Fine jewellery is far more durable than fashion jewellery since it is created completely of real precious metals and valuable gemstones, and it won’t degrade with the right handling and storage. Fine jewellery can also be restored when it is damaged. Although latest rings in white gold has a higher price tag, the value and durability of these items make the investment worthwhile. 

However, the majority of brands exclusively create fine jewellery using valuable metals and real gemstones. Do examine the hallmarks on your jewellery to determine whether it is genuine fine jewellery or trendy jewellery with a flashy brand name. 

Always remember to search and find gold jewellery products online from a reputed jewellery store only. 

Fine Jewellery— The Good and Bad


  • Durable
  • Great heirloom 
  • High-quality


  • Little expensive

Wrap Up

You should take proper care of your jewellery, whether it’s fashion or fine, to ensure that you may enjoy wearing it for a great many years. What matters most is not the style of jewellery you wear, but how it makes you feel about yourself while wearing it.