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Finding The Right Size Of Frontals For You

Lace frontal wigs are a woman’s best friend when it comes to flaunting the perfect style or achieving full coverage, but if you pick the wrong size, it might become your worst enemy! yes! As beautiful as frontal wigs are, the wrong fit might ruin your style and aesthetic.

So, how do you determine the perfect size? Continue reading to learn how to choose the right frontal size for you.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Lace Frontal Wigs?

 Frontal Closure Wigs
 Measuring The Length & Width Of Your Frontal Closure Wigs

All you need for this method is a measuring tape and a mirror. So gather your gear and get ready! 

You should look at yourself in the mirror straight.

  • Length:- Take the measuring tape and measure the length across your forehead from ear to ear. This is the length of your lace frontals closure wigs.
  • Width:- It’s time to measure the width of your lace frontal. With a measuring tape, measure the breadth of your brow from the hairline to the brow bone. You can roughly divide the number by half to get the width of your frontals closure wig.

Why Does The Size Matter?

  • It’s simple: we don’t have the same head size. Some women have large heads, while others have small heads. If the frontal lace size does not fit well, it may appear uneven, strange, and noticeable.
  • It also relies on the tastes of each individual. Experienced wig wearers will know just what size to search for. You can get it shortened if you have a large head but prefer smaller lace frontal wigs because it takes less time to cover. It is entirely up to you!

But What About The Length?

Different Hair Different Length
Different Hair Different Length

The length of the hair bundle determines the length of your lace frontal. As a result, selecting the appropriate hair length is critical.

  •  If you want to add some waves or curls to your hairstyle, you should go up one to 3 inches.
  • For a trendy haircut, choose a frontal that is 20–24 inches long and styled with curls. You should get a frontal closure wig crafted from human hair so you can style, color it, or even use heat tools.
  • For round features, a long frontal is the best. It conceals your cheeks and gives your face a narrower appearance. 
  • Suppose you are born with a heart-shaped face. This face shape complements most hair lengths and styles. As a result, choose whatever hair frontal you like and style it to achieve the desired hair appearance.

So Thats It? What Are Other Factors To Consider Before Buying Lace Frontal Wigs?

closure wigs
Get The Perfect With For Perfect Look

Now that you know how to measure the size & choose the perfect length, here are few other factors to consider before you swipe your card!

  • Lace Type: Lace frontal wigs come in both traditional and HD lace. Traditional lace is distinguished from HD lace by its color and elasticity. Traditional lace frontal wigs are less comfortable and slightly noticeable than HD lace frontal wigs– that why you need to use a concealer to blend the lace to your skin. 
  • Cap Size: The most important factor to consider when purchasing your first lace wig is the cap construction; you can choose between a 13×4 moderate parting cap, which allows you to make a long deep natural parting, and a 13×6 deep parting lace front cap, which allows you to freely adjust your parting.
  • Hair Texture And Wig Color: You cancustomize the color and texture of your hair as you desire or get the pre-colored human hair closure wigs.
  • Natural Look:- go for wigs with baby hair for more natural look & finish.


Now that you know how to determine your frontal closure wigs size & length & what are other factors to consider, get the greatest frontals from True Glory Hair in various size & lengths. True Glory Hair is known for their premium quality Brazilian human hair closure wigs, hair extensions & other beauty products!

Shop today to avail the best frontal and closure wigs today! 

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