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Few On-Page SEO Techniques for Driving Traffic

The goal of SEO tactics is to rank higher in search results. On-page SEO optimization is one of these methods. On-page SEO should be prioritized, and it should be kept current with the most recent search engine algorithms, according to SEO specialists.

If you ignore on-page SEO, focusing solely on off-page SEO and keyword inclusion will not produce positive results.

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The following are a few on-page SEO techniques that can help in driving traffic to your site.37

Site speed

We are now living in an age where instant gratification is the rule and the same will also apply to websites. Hence, site speed is very important for on-page SEO to achieve a higher ranking, especially on Google SERPs.


Your website won’t be useful to you or potential users if search engines can’t find it, crawl it, and index it. Additionally, you must check the robots.txt file to make sure there are nil crawl issues.

Mobile responsiveness

The majority of people use a smartphone/tablet to browse the internet. Therefore, having a website that is optimised for both desktop and mobile is crucial.

Content tags

Since consumers view your website’s title tag first in Google search results, it is essential to its success. Aim to start the title tag with your core search term as close to the beginning as you can without seeming forced.


Whatever the focus of your company or brand, it’s critical to include a range of multimedia in the content, such as high-definition movies and photographs. This will enable you to engage and cater to a wide range of website visitors.

Keyword research

In order to succeed in unpaid search ranking in Google’s SERPs, keyword research is a crucial stage. The Google Keyword Planner may be used to carry out in-depth analysis on the most common search terms in your industry.

Quality content use

The main draw for every user is quality content. Even if it contains many SEO features, poor content won’t last very long. As a result, one of the most crucial on-page SEO strategies is producing high-quality content.

Content length

Google detests websites with scant material that is irrelevant to users and offers no function. At the very least, it is advised to keep your articles or blogs between 1500 and 2000 words in length. While the adage “length makes strength” applies here, don’t sacrifice content relevance, originality, or reader engagement in your desire to produce extremely long material.

Content freshness

You must go back and update previous entries with any pertinent new information, data, or statistics if you want to stay current.

Use of Internal Linking

Internal linking, one of the crucial components of on-page SEO, is the main determinant of how accessible your Web pages are. Internal links that are properly implemented make it simple for users to access those pages for further information while also letting search engines know about your other Web pages.