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Fascias and Soffits Wigan: Know the Difference 

When installing roofs, there are used fascia and soffit. They are both vital roofing components essential to prevent mildew and mold caused due to moisture entering the home’s rafters. They also help improve air ventilation while protecting the different areas of the home which otherwise will be tough to be painted. The terms often can be quite confusing since they are referred to together. However, they are diverse components having separate uses.

Proper definition

For any building underside element like the arch, stair underside or projecting cornice is referred to as soffit. Horizontal vinyl or aluminium piece covering the roof’s overhanging underside part is termed as soffit. On the other hand, fascia is stated to be the board running along the structure end where there are attached exterior elements like the guttering. Horizontal pieces covering space in-between roof and soffit are fascia boards. Fascias preston company can provide more information about them.

Its purpose

Soffit is used beneath the home’s exterior eaves for closing space present beneath the eave. Generally, it extends from eave edge structure’s side. On the other hand fascia gets used for developing barrier between roof edge and external part. The edge is provided with a smooth appearance while the roof is protected from different weather elements. Fascia also offers a particular point for drain pipes and gutters to attach to.


Generally soffit is created from aluminium or vinyl. Some construction even uses wood. Bother materials are available in diverse exciting colours to match home’s siding. Wood is used to create fascia boards. They are also created in aluminium and plastic materials of different colours. Discussing with the leading fascias and soffits wigan professionals will allow you to know your available options. The right choice will make you a proud owner.


To ensure properly constructed roof, there is necessary fascia. Typically, it gets installed behind gutters and right beneath roof line. Soffit is created and installed to fascia board from exterior wall. It gets hidden behind fascia under the eave. At times, the roof gets flush with exterior wall edge. In such cases, fascia might include soffits especially for venting purpose. Fascia gets installed surrounding the whole structure, attached to rafters’ uncovered ends or on exterior wall top part.


When longevity is concerned, soffit is found to be more vulnerable towards diverse elements. It gets exposed to flowing water from torn shingles, rusted or damaged flashing, malfunctioning or damaged gutters. Squirrels and birds prefer to make their nest in empty spaces present behind soffits only to damage the latter. Replacement will be essential if rotting or damage signs are noticed. However like soffit, fascia boards are not susceptible towards water damage. In case fascia boards get exposed to water, rotting signs may emerge. They will simply detach requiring replacement.

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