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Familytime, the Right Choice Among the Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Parents worry that their kids might go off track while using the internet. The best Parental Control Apps for Android can find what your child is trying to hide or what apps he is using on his smart device. Children usually stow away their phones when they are sitting with their parents. Due to such suspicious behavior, parents get panic and stress over the webspace of kids. They want to ensure that their kids are not accessing any inappropriate content or are safe from other internet threats like cyberbullying, identity threats, trolling, hacking, etc. 

Parental control apps let parents monitor and control the online activities of their kids. Using such apps as FamilyTime, parents can block/unblock any app of their choice, and other social networking platforms on kids’ devices anytime anywhere. However, kids might face hundreds of internet threats while they communicate, study online, watch videos and play online games. Obnoxious content is one of the major concerns when parents think of getting an app, let’s dig into the potential risks that might harm your little ones;

Potential Online Threats

  1. Cyberbullying 
  2. Online Predators
  3. Exposure to Explicit Content
  4. Pornography Addiction
  5. Identity Theft
  6. Scamming 
  7. Trolling
  8. Personal Information Privacy

Why FamilyTime app is the Best Parental Control App for Android?

FamilyTime app provides the best features of real-time location tracking, geo-fencing, app blocker, web filtering, and app downloading/purchasing approval from parents. Parents can easily control kids’ chatting and call activities and lock their phones when they want to. If kids are spending extra hours on social media and online gaming, parents can easily tame them using the best parental control apps for android. The powerful and reliable features of these apps are discussed below;


  • Manages & Monitors the daily screen time of your child through your device
  • Blocks/restricts all inappropriate websites while your kids are surfing on the Internet
  • Block/unblock any unwanted app 
  • Tracks the accurate location of your child
  • Set internet and screen time schedules to prevent excessive device usage
  • Add as many places as you want in Geo-fencing 
  • Enable SafeSearch for avoiding age-appropriate content
  • Speed Alert while driving when your kids go off-limit

When parents get to decide which parental control app to use for their kids’ safety, they should focus us which option is the best. Unfortunately, not all apps come up with maximum features. FamilyTime parental control app is one of the most suitable and trustworthy apps of today’s time which provides surety to parents of their kids’ protection. Normally, apps don’t support both iOS and Android smart devices. Whereas, FamilyTime comes up with a quick and easy interface supporting both operating systems. So it becomes easier for parents to limit the screen time of their kids no matter what device they own. Yet, FamilyTime the best Android parental control app is and will remain the best choice. With an easy installation method and a steady operating system, this parental control app has become the right choice who stresses the notorious internet activities of their tweens and teens.  

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