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Facts About Canvas Shoes

The most preferred and liked shoes for summer are canvas shoes. These can be worn to go out on a walk or in the office or at friends’ gatherings. There are different unique and stylish designs of these shoes to wear showing an elegant personality. More often there is the problem with dirty canvas shoes and people do not understand how to clean their shoes for new ones thus go for the shoes clean service.

These canvas shoes are meant to be super comfortable and easy to handle and wash. You can clean them at home or if you got some deep stains you can go for the dry cleaning Dubai Marina Mall. Let us discuss some facts about canvas shoes.

Benefits of canvas shoes

  • Canvas shoes are the most comfortable and relaxing footwears we have ever experienced.
  • Not all of the whole shoe is made up of fabric but has different types of soles such as leather sole, plastic sole, and rubber sole that made them easier to walk.
  • These shoes can be used for multiple purposes and to go on various occasions as they have a lot of styles and patterns with or without laces.
  • These shoes are for men and women both as they have a vast range of colors and sizes with both gender preferences.
  • These shoes are soft and easy to wear without having a heavy feeling on your feet.

How to maintain and clean your canvas shoes?

If you got your favorite pair of canvas shoes dirty or stained, there are several ways to clean them and make them as new as before. The most important thing that you must keep in mind is never to rub your shoes on a rigid surface or a hard brush. This will rupture and tear the fabric of your shoes that can never repair or turn back.

Go for the dry-cleaning Dubai Marina Mall to wash your shoes and make them stain-free. If the shoes are just dirty or soiled, you can wash them at home manually with your hands to protect the fabric. The shoes clean service is for those pairs which have deep stains or liquid spills that cannot be removed with hand washing. Good quality detergents and softeners can be used to keep them fresh and soft.

Winter care for canvas shoes

As we all know canvas shoes are not water-resistant or waterproof, thus a person must take care of his shoes in winter or rainy weather. The fabric of such shoes is not winter material and cannot protect your feet from cold instead cause more moisture to absorb in the fabric. In snow, these shoes will get salt stains while walking on the roads. Try to wear waterproof and weather-resistant shoes in winter and during the rainy season.


Although there are shoe clean services all over the world to maintain the shoes and footwear, the owner must himself take care of his shoes from external weather conditions and stains. Regular wash and dust removal from the shoes is necessary as it might reduce possible fungal and bacterial infections of the foot. If you cannot wash your shoes regularly then contact a dry-cleaning Dubai Marina Mall.

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