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Factors That Affect The Cost of Manufacturing Customized Patches - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Factors That Affect The Cost of Manufacturing Customized Patches

While ordering customized patches, you need to understand how pricing affects the total cost of your custom-made patches. There is a myriad of factors that affect the pricing of your ordered custom patches that will be explained further in this article.

One of the most important factors while calculating cost is the manufacturing company with which you are placing the order of your customized patches. Ultra Patches offers you the best quality and uniquely-made customized patches at the most affordable costs. They offer shipping, artwork, and revisions at no extra cost without charging any upfront costs too. The company is based in Portland, Oregon, and assures that you get the best value for your money.

Take a look at their pricing chart for different types of customized patches and get the most cost-effective solutions on your order.

Let’s understand the factors that affect the total cost of your customized patches.

Quantity ordered

The total quantity of custom patches ordered largely affects the total price of your order. The more the quantity ordered, the lower the price will be for each patch. This is because either the company makes 1 or 1000 patches, the cost is divided over the total number of patches manufactured, which of course is high on making a single piece and very low on making 1000 pieces.

Cost and quality of materials used

Patch materials like thread, borders, twill, pattern cutting, and the cost of operating the machine if it is a textile-based patch, all are variable costs. They depend on the total quantity ordered and the material quality that the custom patch maker company will be using.

Size of the patch

The larger the patch, the higher will be the price of each patch as the materials used are more for larger patches. This factor has the most impact on the costs as it is dependent on the quantity of thread, twill, etc. to be used.

Designing of the patch

Design affects the type and size of the patch which can affect the total patch pricing. If you want to remain within your budget, choose the colors on your design smartly as this can affect the total cost of your order.

  • The standard pricing for customized patches is 9 thread colors but $0.10 is charged on every extra thread color.
  • The standard pricing of PVC patches includes 4 colors with every extra thread color being charged at $0.10.

Choice of backing or attachment

The kind of backing or attachment you choose while placing an order for customized patches is another important factor that affects the total cost.

  • Sewed or no backing is cheaper than iron backing.
  • Backing with a Velcro hook and Velcro loop side can increase the price.
  • The most expensive ones are magnetic backings that make the patches heavy and hence, increase the shipping costs.

After going through all the factors, it is clear that ordering 1 or 2 patches might be disadvantageous. However, if you have a low quantity requirement, it is advised to encourage your friends to buy a few more patches and share them in the same project as yours so that the quantity is increased. This is a good idea for dividing the costs on more patches and making it a cost-effective purchase.



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