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Fab Balance Enquiry Online System – A Complete Guide

This banking guide will show you how to check your prepaid card balance using the Fab balance enquiry page. At any Abu Dhabi Bank FAB ATM, you can check the balance on your prepaid card without entering your card number. Enter your card number into FAB’s exclusive prepaid card balance enquiry service to check your salary card balance online.

Residents of the UAE can get corporate and investment banking services from 1st Abu Dhabi Bank, the country’s largest bank. Working with 1st Abu Dhabi Bank can benefit businesses in many ways, including low-cost finance.

How can I do the Fab balance enquiry online?

Through the subsequent developments, FAB Balance enquiry should be simple and beneficial. You can check your pre-loaded card’s available balance, view its transaction history, and reactivate the card with FAB Bank Balance Check.

When doing a Fab Balance enquiry, have your prepaid card nearby.

  • Go to the Prepaid Card Enquiry Framework’s FAB Prepaid Card Balance Enquiry page.
fab balance enquiry online
  • Enter the prepaid card’s final two digits.
  • Example: Type “78” if your card number is “1234 1234 1234 5678.”
  • On the prepaid card, enter the Card ID. The card id, a unique combination of letters and digits, is a component of every prepaid card. Make sure you enter the ID accurately.
  • Select GO.
  • On the top, you may find your available balance together with other vital details like your name, card number, status, and so forth.

Additionally, you can check the most recent 10 exchanges. Additionally, you can check the exchanges by providing a start and end date. By using these simple steps, prepaid cardholders can obtain a free and advantageous Fab balance enquiry.

Which balance types can be viewed on the fab balance enquiry online portal?

Customers who want to check their balance: may use this method.

  • Bank balance check fab
  • Account balance enquiry for NBAD
  • Technique for researching prepaid cards
  • Salary check for ratibi card
  • Check the NBAD ratibi balance
  • The balance of an ATM
  • My credit card
  • A PPC card
  • Salary account with the fab bank
  • Prepaid enquiry for NBAD
  • Balancing enquiry for lulu

How to check the balance of your salary account at FAB Bank?

fab balance enquiry card

You can check the balance of your FAB Bank Salary Account using a method similar to checking your Salary Prepaid Card. Additionally, at any FAB ATM, take a good check with your prepaid card. There is no need for you to input a number here.

Because they lean toward their cells, the majority of FAB record holders currently prefer the easiest web-based method for Fab balance enquiry adjustments. Additionally, there are no ATMs close to your convenience or place of employment.

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Checking FAB Bank Balance on the FAB Mobile App:

FAB Mobile App

FAB MOBILE APP- Get the smartphone app to check your FAB account balance yet another way. You can always check your FAB Balance and conduct other transactions whenever and wherever you want with the 1st Abu Dhabi Mobile App. You must use your ID to log in or establish an account after downloading the 1st Abu Dhabi Mobile app, and then follow the onscreen prompts to view your balance.

Secure, easy, and protected. Discover the convenience of FAB’s Prepaid Cards:

Utilize the convenience that comes with FAB’s classification of prepaid cards. Associations may use this selection of cards for activities involving the distribution of cash. Without the need to maintain a ledger, cardholders will benefit from safe transactions, adaptability, cash withdrawal, and more.

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Why Are Prepaid Cards Used?

Prepaid Cards enable users to control a wide range of transactions and can be used by organizations for a variety of objectives.

fab Bank Balance Check VISA card

Prepaid cards’ advantages include:

  • No balance on the books is necessary.
  • Transactions made directly with cardholders.
  • All piled reserves are available for use.
  • No risk of overspending. You present the lines and totals.
  • There are local and international options available.
  • Simple payments to local experts and representatives’ remuneration move.
  • Buys and ATM withdrawals are both possible.
  • Reloadable at any time.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash.
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Bank Prepaid Cards from FAB/NBAD:

The largest bank in the UAE is the 1st Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). It provides the prepaid cards that go with it:

  • DWallet


  • Homegrown laborers in the UAE received a prepaid card.
  • Can transfer assets to the Homegrown Laborer’s DWallet Prepaid Card.
  • To apply for a DWallet card, supporters must visit the Bit Brew center with character identification.
  • The DWallet card may be topped off at the Bit Brew location, Touch Lager app, or Humdinger Trade location.
  • Prepaid Ratibi Card


  • Without a base balance, workers must keep up.
  • Unlimited access to a massive network of CDMs and ATMs.
  • A free private accident insurance card is included.
  • Card Prepaid for Payment


  • The Card is used in both domestic and foreign retailers
  • We offer unrestricted statements
  • Reloadable Gift Card


  • This is a non-reloadable gift card.
  • Can use a corporate card to fund the card.
  • Prepaid Multi-Currency Card


  • EDirham Cards, Hala


  • No bank account is necessary.
  • Is accepted by Federal Government authorities and collaborating UAE Ministries.
  • Card reloading is simple and costs a reasonable amount.
  • Prepaid Gold eDirham Cards


  • The card is good for three years.
  • The loading and reloading costs are between 5 and 25 AED.
  • If visiting FAB branches, a cash withdrawal fee of AED 25 is assessed.
  • Only UAE citizens are qualified.
  • eDirham Signature Prepaid Cards


  • AED 5 to AED 25 is levied as the load and reload fee.
  • There are available UAE citizens.
  • There are both personal and business cards available.

UAE FAB Prepaid Cards:

FAB Prepaid Card Requirements for Eligibility:

Each card has a different set of requirements for use with the Fab balance enquiry prepaid card.

  • The company issuing the Ratibi Prepaid Card must have a business account with FAB.
  • A FAB prepaid card can only be obtained by businesses.
  • You can obtain a FAB eDirham Prepaid Card whether you live in the UAE or not.

Benefits of the Ratibi fab balance enquiry Card:

The benefits of a fab balance enquiry position card are numerous. The following describes how they are portrayed:

  1. Free SMS notification of compensation options
  2. They can be used for online shopping as well as at ATMs, retail locations, and retailers. The office and its clients benefit from this benefit.
  3. It is frequently used with the global Visa/MasterCard networks.
  4. Ratibi cardholders receive consistent expert assistance from the phone center of 1st Abu Dhabi Bank.
  5. Holders of Ratibi fab balance enquiry cards can select their “PIN” at FAB ATMs.
  6. Fully compliant with UAE government regulations (Compensation Assurance Framework) (WPS).
  7. There is free personal accident insurance available.
  8. Additionally, there are no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements for prepaid card users.
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FAB Bank Security and Insurance:

The Fab/Nbad Ratibi provides its clients with a range of security measures to protect their documents and data. These consist of:

  • Dual-factor authentication
  • Online recovery of passwords
  • Several record assurance techniques
  • OTP (Time Secret word) (Time Secret word)

How can I save more money in FAB?

When you check FAB bank adjustments, seeing a low balance can be discouraging. In any event, there are proactive steps you may do to make sure it doesn’t happen repeatedly.

Here are some tips on how to increase your FAB savings:

  1. Use the FAB credit card for everyday purchases.
  2. Invest through the FAB account.
  3. Your payment should be moved to FAB.
  4. Plan your finances and follow them.

Employment Protection System (WPS):

Our Bank participates in the Wages Protection System to facilitate wage payments (WPS). By UAE legislation, we can quickly execute your salary payments electronically.

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Ways A Cashback Debit Card Can Help You Get Rid Of Debt Faster

Features consist of:

  1. With a dedicated help desk, the service is fully automated.
  2. A single bank transfer provides a secure and practical method for paying salaries.
  3. Payment in local currency within the UAE saves money and eliminates the risk of handling cash when paying staff.

Salary Payments (Non-WPS):

1st Abu Dhabi Bank bank also accepts salary payments outside of the WPS system. The FAB bank will only provide ratibi cards for non-WPS salary payments if the employer has a corporate bank account. If the employee receives a non-WPS wage, they must live in the UAE.

Fab Balance Enquiry System Saving Offers:

When you check the balance of the FAB bank account, we don’t want you to be concerned about your funds. So, here are some additional strategies to save money.

Offers from 1st Abu Dhabi Bank for Salary People:

On installment, you can receive a cashback of up to 5,000 AED. Make a Fab balance enquiry record in a flash using FAB Versatile. You can shift your compensation by using the FAB portable program. Additionally, you can start transferring your compensation to your active FAB record and receive a payback of up to AED 5000. You should have the choice to demonstrate at least two pay rates transferred to your FAB record to be eligible for cashback.

If you live in the UAE, you may receive up to AED 5000 in cashback; if you are from outside the country, you may receive up to AED 2500 in cashback. The cashback you receive will be credited to your account as FAB rewards, which you can use to make purchases from your top brands, pay for services and pay searchers, or add cashback to your account. Can be used for a variety of purposes, including reclamation. 

Offerings from FAB Skywards Miles:

Additionally, FAB provides several travel cards that enable customers to earn Skywards miles. You will also receive additional services like parlor access, necessary boarding, hotels, and car rentals. If you travel regularly, we strongly advise you to take advantage of FAB’s Skywards Miles MasterCard. Over time, these will enable you to save a significant sum of dirhams.

The #1 tip from FAB World One of the most amazing travel cards in the UAE is MasterCard. It comes with movement protection valued at USD 500,000, general parlor access for you and your visitor, and other benefits. This is a fantastic way to earn prizes that may be exchanged for goods or services, stock, or other benefits.

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Fab advances to boost your financial account:

What would you do if you needed money but discovered that your bank balance was low when you checked your cool bank balance? The most brilliant course of action in this situation may be to apply for a fresh line of credit from FAB.

Numerous types of advances are available from 1st Abu Dhabi Bank to cover your needs. Be it an individual credit, vehicle advance, or home credit, FAB has got you covered. You should go to the nearest FAB branch and ask the faculty there for assistance if you want to apply for credit. They are more than happy to assist you at every stage of the credit application procedure.

Two of the top loan and finance choices on FAB are listed below:

  1. FAB’s Islamic personal budget initiative without compensation:

Both UAE citizens and foreigners may use the 1st Abu Dhabi Bank Islamic personal budget without anticipating a change in pay.

  1. FAB’s move to advance inhabitants of the UAE without payment:

You can request this advance from the bank if your balance is almost zero. Only UAE citizens are eligible for this individual credit. To qualify for this credit, you don’t need to transfer your earnings to the bank.


If you have one of the prepaid cards provided by Fab Bank and would like to check your balance, you may without a doubt do so by using the preceding guide. After First Bay Bank and Public Bank of Abu Dhabi were combined as 1st Abu Dhabi bank, Fab became the largest bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the fab balance enquiry system subject to any fees?

No. Free and accessible anytime and anywhere, fab balance enquiry is available.

  • On the Fab balance enquiry page, may we possibly get details of the money credited to the prepaid card at some point?

Indeed. On the Fab balance enquiry page, you can see how much money has been charged and credited to your prepaid card.

  • Prepaid FAB/Nbad Ratibi Cards: What Are They?

Ratibi is a payroll service offered by 1st Abu Dhabi Bank to pay salaries for workers making up to AED 5,000 per month. The Fab balance enquiry card allows employees to get their paychecks even without a bank account.

  • Is a Fab balance enquiry account required to use the prepaid card?

No, a Fab balance enquiry account is not necessary for prepaid cards.

  • For a Fab balance enquiry, are there any fees assessed?

No, Fab balance enquiry is a free service that is available whenever and whenever.

  • NBAD and FAB are a single entity?

NBAD and FAB are identical, yes. The merger of the NBAD and FGB produced FAB.

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