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Eyelash Extension Styles: A Complete Guide

Who isn’t fond of eyelash extensions? They make your lashes look fuller and your eyes larger. They also add a subtle layer to your makeup. But, if you haven’t used them before, you may not be familiar with the styles.

The effect of eyelash extensions varies from natural to dramatic looks. Their versatility makes them a popular choice among women around the world together with false eyelashes.

The eyelash extension styles you choose will depend on many factors. We’ll discuss the styles and these factors here.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

There are two main types of eyelash extensions: classic and volume. You can apply classic eyelash extensions to your actual lashes. This will give your lashes a more natural look.

These classic extensions make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller and it’s among the best eyelash extension styles for several reasons. For one, it adds more definition to your lashes. Adding more definition will enhance your makeup look.

Classic eyelash extensions are done by sticking one strand of eyelash extension to one natural lash. This is repeatedly done until the desired look is achieved.

The advantage of natural lashes is that they work on all types of makeup looks. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to lunch or a party, they’ll suit your makeup. Besides, natural lashes don’t take very long to wear.

With a few simple tools, you can stick them to your lashes in no time. You don’t need technical expertise to use natural lashes.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

In the case of volume lashes, you apply two or more lashes to your existing lashes. These add more drama to your look than natural lashes.

So, it follows that they’re harder to apply. Most people opt for an eyelash technician to perform this service for them. Volume lashes come in various types of thickness. The options available for volume lashes are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D.

Each ‘D’ stands for the number of lash layers present in the fake lashes. So, 1D will be the thinnest and 7D the thickest lash. You can choose your lash based on how dramatic you want your makeup to look.

It takes a little more skill to apply volume lashes than it does to apply classic, natural lashes. So, it’s advisable to consult a lash technician for the same.

Colored Eyelash Extensions

Another popular style in eyelash extensions is having colored lashes. If you’re up for trying something more out-there, colored lashes are the way to go. Different lash extensions look good in different eye colors. 

For instance, green lashes will make brown eyes stand out. Also, blue lashes often look good when paired with blue eyes. The color of your eyelashes will enhance the tone of your makeup look. Make sure your colored lashes suit the occasion you’re wearing them for.

It would be strange to wear bright blue eyelashes to work, no matter how stylish they look. Also, remember to do up your eyebrows too to add some oomph to your colored lashes.

Brow tinting is a good option to go with if you have the time and money needed to color your brows. This method involves applying semi-permanent dye to your eyebrows. This allows you to increase the width of your eyebrows.

It’s best to have an eyebrow salon do this for you. The lashes you may be able to do yourself, but leave the brows to a professional. Also, remember to invest in a good pair of lashes made with safe materials. Remember, these lashes could come into contact with your eyes.

So, they should consist of safe dyes if you’re to use them often.

Cat Eyes

Earlier, we discussed natural and volume lashes. These lashes are suitable for pretty much any eye shape and color. But, there are more specific eyelash styles available too.

Cat eyelashes are growing popular these days. Cat eyes are pretty common in makeup as they’re already popular for winged eyeliner styles. Few people know that you can achieve a cat eye makeup look with lashes as well.

Volume lashes are great for the cat eye look. But, you can achieve this look with natural eyelash extensions too. All you need to do here is to start applying the lashes from the inner corner of your eye. So, the inner corner will have thick lash extensions.

Then, you work your way to the outer corner of your eye with the thicker end of the extensions. The increase in thickness from one corner to the other should be gradual. If not, it can make for an unusual eye makeup look.

The thick lashes on the outer corner of your eye will give it a cat-eye appearance. As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to apply cat eye lashes.

Also, remember that cat eye lashes look best on certain eye shapes. For instance, they look good with almond eyes and close-set eyes.

Wispy Eyes

Wispy eyelashes are more suitable for protruding eyes and downturned eyes. They also look good on almond eyes. These lashes are similar in length and added close to each other. Wispy eyelashes differ from cat eyelashes in that they’re more dramatic.

This look features alternating lash lengths that fall across your eye. So, it makes for a more dramatic appearance than other lash styles. A good eyelash technician or artist will suggest the best wispy lash length for you.

This length will depend on your natural lash length and volume. Whatever length you opt for, the lashes will give your eyes a soft, feathered look. 

Customized Lash Extensions

Customized lash extensions are a great option for those who want a better fit for their lashes. A lash technician will be able to create lashes based on the shape of your eyes. They would also consider the natural thickness of your lashes when they suggest a lash map for you. 

One thing to remember here is that different salons sometimes use different terms to refer to lash shapes. So, it’s a good idea to speak to your stylist about the precise shape of the lashes you want. 

If the custom lashes fit, they’ll frame your eyes well and make them appear brighter. When the time comes to take them out, visit your stylist again. It’s not advisable to remove the lashes yourself. 

The snug fit of custom lashes will make them difficult to remove. A technician or stylist will be able to remove them gently.


Lash styles come and go but it’s important to pick which style suits you the best. Your choice of eyelash style depends on your makeup preferences, among other factors. People often think of eyelash extensions for dramatic makeup looks.

But, these can be great for everyday makeup as well. You should remember to pick the styles best suited to your eye shape and color. If you do this, you’ll realize you won’t need to put in as much effort with the rest of your eye makeup.



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