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External Factors that Affect Sleep

Sleep is the body’s natural restorative process that supports overall health. Having enough good sleep every night will help you perform better during the day, boost your immune system and keep you in a positive mood. These are just some of the benefits of having the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night for adults. However, most people are having trouble staying asleep while some suffer from sleep deprivation. 

The quality and amount of sleep are both important factors in reaping the benefits of uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, there are factors that negatively affect sleep but the good news is learning about them will help you sleep better.

Exposure to lights. Lights can be both beneficial and harmful for sleep, depending on the source and the time of day. Exposure to bright lights during the day is ideal since it will keep your body clock to work efficiently. However, exposure to lights particularly to blue light should be avoided hours before bedtime. Blue light is emitted by electronic devices such as LED TV, computer, mobile phones, tablets and lightbulbs. 

Choice of food and drinks. There are certain food types that can affect sleep causing disturbances from upset stomach to indigestion.  Avoid consuming sugary, fatty and high caloric food in the evening. Caffeinated drinks should also be avoided since caffeine is a stimulant that will hinder sleep and will keep you awake. Avoid nicotine too, it is as bad as caffeine.

Bad mattress. Spending around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night on a poor-quality mattress will leave you tossing and turning leaving you tired the following morning. Consider the quality of your mattress not only by age but the comfort it gives you. Your mattress should provide excellent support to your body and the right firmness while allowing you to be comfortable in whatever sleep position you prefer. Eyeing to buy a quality mattress? Check this affordable adjustable base mattress that can Elevate your head and/or feet to find the perfect position especially when sleeping. It will also help you get in and out of bed easier and relieve pressure and pain in the body. You will surely feel recharged and renewed upon waking up the next day.

Bedroom distractions. Work related stuff, TV, noise and clutter could affect your ability to feel relaxed and ready for sleep. A bedroom full of things that do not belong in there could cause distractions.

We have to consider these factors that affect our ability to get an uninterrupted sleep every night if we want a better health and well-being. Having a good quality sleep each night ensures that we always have a healthy body and mind to make clear and precise decisions in life. Enough sleep is what our whole system needs to recuperate from all the stress, toxins and pains we receive all throughout the day. Having 8 – 10 hours of sleep nightly for adults is like getting a precious gift that not everyone can have. It’s true, sleep is a luxury so once you already have it, do everything so it will never get lost.



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