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Exterminateur fourmis charpentières

Comment trouver un nid de fourmis charpentières ?

Contrary to popular belief, charpentières do not eat wood; rather, they use it to build their nest. As a result, you can come across some wooden Comeaux on the ground, near doorways or crevasses, in your basement, garage, or any other isolated location.

Comment se débarrasser des fourmis avec du borax ?

Combine equal parts powdered sugar and Borax in a mixing bowl (disponible en pharmacie). Place the mixture in the hidden goblet. The sugar attracts the fourmis, who then deposit food in the fourmilière, which the Borax then destroys.


In this article, the ABPE charpentière exterminator warns you about the dangers of this pest and provides you with useful information for avoiding potential damage. Charpentières’ fourmis can be found all over the world, including in Québec.

This species belongs to the Camponotus genus. Their specialty is transforming their nid by erecting galleries in the woods. When they’re observed on a settee or on the limb of a dead tree, it’s quite a show to see them act, but when they’re installed in a house, it’s even more so.

L’exterminateur de fournis charpentières répond : Les fourmis charpentières s’attaquent-elles à la charpente?

Regardless of age or construction type, all houses are susceptible to infestation and the damage caused by this sort of pest. The charpentière fourmis do not eat the wood; instead, they build galleries and expel the wood from their nest in the form of fine dust. If you notice this phenomenon, it could be a symptom of a moisture problem or a recurring water incursion.

The humidification-resistant wood is ideal for establishing a new colony. Charpentières attack healthy wood, especially “mou” wood like pin, which is commonly used to build galeries, patios, and balconies, which is an important detail to remember. Making a call to a charpentière exterminator seems like a good idea in this case.

Les points d’entrées de la maison

It’s important to look for probable foundation fissures and see if the solives that reside in the house underneath the gallery are safe. It’s not uncommon to see a “autoroute” of fourmis circling on electrical wires and phone jacks, especially if the house’s main entrance is poorly calfeutré exterminateur-punaise-de-lit.

It’s important to pay special attention to the creepy plants on the house’s outside, as the fourmis may use them to get access to the grenier’s inside. Inspect the heating or entryway wood, since it may be infested with buried fourmis on the inside.

Prévenir les dégâts

  • Keep an eye out for water infiltrations.
  • Keeping food safe by storing it in airtight containers
  • Organize the house so that no branch obstructs the view.

How can I tell whether I have a nid fourmis charpentières? and an exterminator is required.

For detecting a nid of charpentières, the spring is an indication of resumption of activities, as their metabolism has been dormant during the winter. The onset of the printanier réveil might occur as early as the end of February or the beginning of March.

If you see fourmis on the inside of your house while the ground is still frozen and there is snow on the ground outside, you have a well-installed nid. When the snow melts and the sun warms the exterior revêtement, the workers get to work, and within a few days, a portion of the colony is visible from the inside of the house.

Indices de présence possible d’un nid de fourmis charpentières chez vous:

  • Fourmis charpentières ailées à l’intérieur de la maison,
  • Trace de sciure ressemblant à de la poussière au sol
  • Sciure de bois à répétition au même endroit,
  • Bruit semblable à un grattement provenant d’un mur.
  • Nuées de fourmis ailées (moment du vol nuptial)


Comment se débarrasser des fourmis dans les pavés ?

Propose dispersing a solution made from Borax, sugar, and a small amount of water in the areas where the fourmis congregate in your home. The sugar attracts the insects, while the Borax kills them.

Quel est le produit le plus efficace contre les fourmis ?

Citron: the fourmis despise the citron’s acidity. Des demi-citrons (un peu moisis, c’est encore mieux) will make them flee if they are placed in strategic locations. Vinaigre blanc: Vaporize white vinaigre directly on the fourmis passage, or on the encasings of windows and doors, or the bottom of the walls.

Comment savoir où est la fourmilière ?

These sciure tas are usually found beneath the nid’s entrances and take the appearance of small holes, fentes, and fissures. In a radius of 90 meters, look for charpentière nids in the trees surrounding the house. Attempt to locate wood piles, tree parties, and other similar structures.

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