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Expert Advice to Pick the Best International Packers and Movers While Relocating Overseas

Is your workplace deploying you overseas for the next few years? Have you been through your GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS exam and waiting for the next move? Did you finally get a PR visa to Canada, Australia, or any other European country? First of all, I wish you congratulations on the giant leap in your career. Not only your career, but it is also actually a giant step in your life as you are now going to relocate internationally. I have got you expert advice to pick the best international packers and movers while relocating overseas.

All your life, you must have waited to relocate abroad and now finally opportunity knocked on your door. With each passing day, your excitement starts to fade away and expediency takes over your mind. You also fear losing the closeness to your friends and family and leaving the comfort zone of being in your own country. Again, the hassles of the immigration process and overseas relocation proceedings cloud your mind. It is all normal and it is something that every international mover faces. Read along to know how you can pick the best international packers and movers while relocating overseas.

Why do you need to hire international packers and movers while relocating overseas?

International relocation is far more complicated than domestic relocation. They have strict and elaborate protocols that you need to abide by. You should seek help from an immigration expert. Doing so will save you a lot of time and effort. There are many challenges that you have to face as you relocate internationally like­­­—you have to pack your belongings according to the international standards, you have to organise appropriate logistics and shipping, and you have to be tactful and patient while dealing with the customs clearance. It is not as simple as domestic moves. Therefore, you should hire international packers and movers while relocating overseas.

How do the international packers and movers help you to relocate overseas?

International relocation is much more complex than domestic ones. The international packers and movers provide you with a wide range of door-to-door services that cover every aspect of the move. Packing, loading, shipping, customs clearance, unpacking, and insurance coverage; everything is covered under their services. The international moving companies conduct a pre-move survey before commencing with the move. They guide you throughout in building a detailed inventory and proper planning for the relocation.

The international packers and movers alert you from carrying certain forbidden items onboard as you relocate overseas. They pack your belongings according to the international standards and they get shipped following the standard procedures for overseas transport. Moreover, the international packers and movers help you in clearing the customs protocols for international shipping from India. After your belongings get checked at the customs clearance department, they need to get repacked and this is where the international moving company takes all the responsibility.

Your belongings will comprise both bulky and smaller items which need to be segregated accordingly. The professional team of international packers and movers send the heavy and bulky items through sea-freight and the small yet sensitive items through air-freight. The international moving company offers insurance coverage on overseas shipping and pays appropriate compensation if any of the goods get tampered with or lost during the move.

The international packers and movers also offer certain add-on services to make your move swift, safe, and smooth. Here are some of the add-on services:

The international relocation companies proffer warehousing facilities abroad till the time you are ready to move into your new house in the new country. The warehouses are safe and guarded by professional security guards. There are ample CCTV cameras installed in every nook to ensure the safety of your goods. 

In case you want to transport your vehicle from India to abroad, it won’t be feasible to conduct the move without the help of a proficient international relocation service provider. 

If you have pets and you wish to take them abroad with you, there are endless paper-works and formalities for international pet relocation. It will be an impossible affair without the help of an international packers and movers company. 

How to pick the best international packers and movers while relocating overseas?

Some of the most effective ways to choose the best international packers and movers include:

Search the internet to check out the best packers and movers India to USA in your nearby area. Check their customer ratings and reviews to study their profile, their work experience, and their reputation from the feedback of the clients who had availed their services before. Choose the company with the best ratings and reviews to conduct your international relocation. 

Reach out to the experts from the specialized agencies to get professional assistance. They will send you verified details of the three international moving companies according to your preferences and budget. You need to call each one of the companies and ask for an online cost calculation quotation service. Accordingly, you can choose the moving company that offers you the cheapest rates and best add-on services. 

You can also seek help from your friends and associates who have prior experience in an international relocation. Ask them to recommend the best international packers and movers according to your preferences. 

Additional Expert Advice:

As you are considering picking the best international packers and movers while relocating overseas, make sure that your moving company is an authentic one. Verify that the company is IBA-approved. Check their trade license and company pan card. You cannot afford to fall prey to a moving scam while making an overseas move or else you will face the worst days of your life.

Do not carry bulky, heavyweight furniture as you relocate overseas. It is better that you sell those pieces of furniture and later buy new pieces after relocating. The cost of moving the heavy and bulky furniture will weigh more than the price of buying new furniture abroad. Make your move lightweight and carry only the essentials with you.


Relocating internationally will give you mixed feelings. You will feel accomplished as you know that you will rise higher in your career and achieve success. Again, you will feel sad about being away from the rest of your family and friends. Your life will change completely as you make an overseas move. But, as you know that “the show must go on” and so you should embrace the change with a smile. I hope that my expert advice to pick the best international packers and movers while relocating overseas will help you in moving abroad smoothly and hassle-free. Have a great move!

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