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Everything you should know about how to identify the purity of a banarasi saree

Are you preparing for your wedding day? Or perhaps you are looking for banarasi saree online shopping for your loving daughter or sister? If yes, you have clicked on the right online address. 

Kaashi Creations are here to help you with their wide variety of banarasi saree collections. 

Banarasi saris have been a source of pride and a part of rich Indian traditional culture since the Mughal era. However, this market has recently been deprived of its fair share! Through the first look at the banarasi saree, it can make you aware of its purity. 

  • Beware of the cheap and fake Banarasi saree

Cheap imitation Banarasi saree imports from China have recently entered the Indian market, reducing the share of Indian artisans in Varanasi [the hub of Banarasi saree weaving]. This has made the plight of the Indian saree weavers full of pity. 

In fact, many Banarasi sari weavers have now turned to other sources of income, such as tea stalls, rickshaw pulling, vegetable sellers, and so on. It is extremely unjust to India’s entire weaving community. They are suffering as a result of the cheap fake Banarasi sarees available in the Indian market.

  • Check the floats between the grids on the saree 

To avoid being duped the next time you go shopping for a Banarasi saree, here are some tips on how to tell an authentic Banarasi sari from a fake one! First, when purchasing a Banarasi saree, simply pull the other side up, i.e., reverse the saree, to check for floats between the warps and wefts grids on the saree. 

Only a hand-woven Banarasi saree will have this warp and weft technique. The machine does not replicate that. Another way to tell if a saree is genuine Banarasi is to look for pin marks. These are usually found on the saree’s selvage and are used to secure a handloom saree to the loom.

Another important consideration when purchasing pure silk Saris is the Certificate of Authorized Use of the Silk Mart logo. If you are purchasing a pure silk sari, always insist on a certificate of the seller. This will help you know how genuine your seller is. 

  • Look at the reverse side of the banarasi saree 

A genuine Banarasi saree is a valuable asset for the modern Indian woman; a prized possession of unrivalled quality and timeless appeal that will serve her well for years. Pure Banarasi sarees are one-of-a-kind, woven from the finest silk yarn with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisan weavers.

Unfortunately, there are cheap imitations of Banarasi sarees in the market. These low-quality sarees can fool a gullible customer into thinking they are the real thing. However, you do not need to be an expert to tell whether a Banarasi saree is genuine or a forgery. 

Simply looking at the reverse side of the saree. And, you will be aware of the authenticity.

If you have ever seen a Banarasi saree, you will notice that it mostly features Mughal patterns such as amru, ambi, and domak. These Indian handmade Persian designs would not be found on a fake Banarasi saree.

  • Check the weaving method of Banarasi sarees

Loom-woven Banarasi sarees will always have floats within the warp and weft grids, whereas machine-woven sarees will have a smooth finish. While this technique is only applicable when purchasing a Banarasi saree in person, there are practical ways to ensure the authenticity of a saree when shopping online.

So, if you are looking up for a wide collection of banarasi silk sarees online shoppingKaashi Creations is your next one-stop destination. 

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