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Everything You Need To Know About VoIP Phone Software in India for Business



Due to recent internet improvements such as 5G, IP phone systems and VoIP call center solutions are becoming a more enticing alternative for business phone systems in India and worldwide. However, there are other considerations when transitioning from a traditional phone system to a VoIP phone for business.

First, you must grasp what a VoIP phone system is, its functions, and other essential aspects. This blog will look at what you may anticipate from a corporate free cloud VoIP PBX. 

What is free cloud VoIP PBX?

Free cloud VoIP PBX

Free cloud VoIP PBX is a communications exchange system that uses a cloud-based structure and call center solutions to provide consumers with free services. As a basic package, providers offer a free service, but it may not include all the free cloud VoIP PBX features that larger enterprises require for communication. Additional call center VoIP solutions are available through a paid subscription or a pay-as-you-go plan.

How does free cloud VoIP PBX benefit a business? 

Benefits of VoIP for businesses

  1. Free cloud VoIP PBX enables businesses to transition from a traditional PSTN (traditional phone) network to an internet-based solution. PSTN networks necessitate significant infrastructure and incur additional charges for free long-distance calls with cloud VoIP PBX systems. 
  2. Since VoIP call center solutions are hosted remotely, a company does not need an on-premise VoIP PBX system that takes up space in a server and phone room.
  3. Free PBX System services and plans allow for testing without subjecting your firm to upfront investment charges that may deter a smaller company from making the switch. 
  4. It also allows your organization to test out a provider without making a long-term commitment that could stifle the future growth of the firm’s phone system.
  5. Pay-as-you-go services provide the core functionality that any business requires, but additional features are paid for separately. 
  6. Calls are likely to be charged per minute; however, if the desk cloud phone system is not utilized throughout the month, your organization incurs no further costs.

How do you know if you need VoIP software? 

Cost is the biggest factor

When any of the following conditions apply, it’s time to consider converting to a VoIP phone system:

  1. You’re paying too much for your PBX repairs, maintenance, and IT staff.
  2. You could better budget your phone bills if you had a fixed subscription payment.
  3. You’ve reached a stage where you need to be mobile.
  4. You could be more productive if your CRM and phone system worked together.
  5. It’s time to start using your call center software.
  6. You want your phone to ring on multiple devices simultaneously.
  7. It would be advantageous for your company if you could use either domestic or foreign phone numbers.
  8. You’d like to begin working with distributed teams.

Who is the best free online PBX system vendor in India?

Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk contact center

Caller ID, call analytics, custom greetings, and desktop notifications are all included in Freshdesk’s Free Plan. This service provider’s call data is helpful for people who manage contact centers since they provide information on call abandonment rates, the duration of each call that incurs charges, and the Freshdesk Contact Center number utilized for the call.

Key Features

  1. Developed with call centers in mind
  2. Extensive call reports
  3. HITECH and HIPAA compliance is complete.



Aavaz is a powerful telemarketing solution that is well-known for its adaptability. This app was created to help you communicate with your clients more effectively. It includes a VoIP softphone mobile app called the Aavaz App that allows your agents to make calls while on the go. The Aavaz app is free for download once you sign up with Aavaz.

Aavaz call center training solutions provide a cost-effective incoming, outbound, and blended call center platform that is scalable. It contains various features geared to the specific needs of marketing, sales, and customer care departments.

Key Features

  1. Call Logs
  2. Call Monitoring
  3. Predictive Dialer
  4. Progressive Dialer
  5. Workforce Management
  6. Call Queuing
  7. Data Import & Export
  8. Remote Access
  9. Call recording
  10. Campaign Management
  11. Preview Dialer
  12. Document Management
  13. Real-time Workflow
  14. Reporting/Analytics



Bitrix24’s free plan users have access to fundamental but functioning CRM VoIP integration, access to their online store, and online storage of up to five gigabytes. Bitrix24 offers a “Kanban view” that allows bespoke stages and statuses in CRM records. Their platform also includes a SIP connector, allowing your team to incorporate an existing third-party telephony provider.

Key Features

  1. At the most basic level, extensive call tracking is used.
  2. A contact form, callback request, and live chat widget for your website.
  3. Call forwarding from a distance.



Anveo has a plethora of features for businesses looking for free cloud PBX. The VoIP features include call recording, an IVR system, customizable on-hold music, and call queuing. For businesses looking to expand into international markets, Anveo even offers international virtual numbers in 48 countries so that customers reach your business without calling outside of their local calling area. They also have voicemail transcription, and your voicemails are sent to your email if you enable the feature.

Key features

  1. International virtual phone numbers
  2. Visual call flow customization
  3. Click to call buttons from your website


A free virtual PBX system relies entirely on the internet and phone system software, with no need for desk phones, cables, or other hardware. Combining free cloud VoIP PBX with customized call center telephony solutions makes communication more accessible, cheaper, and convenient. 

While the above-mentioned call center solution providers offer robust software, Aavaz is the go-to for most businesses. Aavaz’s unique but easy-to-use VoIP software makes telecommunications a breeze. 

As a one-stop-shop for all your telephony needs, Aavaz FreePBX provides the most up-to-date contact center solutions suited to your business demands. Its purpose is to ensure that you receive high-quality calls and that your transition to a VoIP phone system smoothly.

Aavaz FreePBX also provides a free 7-day trial to allow you to sample the many business benefits of a VoIP phone system before committing. To discover more about Aavaz PBX’s softphone VoIP for Android, contact Aavaz today!

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