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Everything You Need to Know About Eren Yeager’s Hair

Eren yeager hair has had an interesting journey so far in Attack on Titan. He started out as an angry youth that wanted to join the Scout Regiment to get revenge on the Titans who killed his mother and attempted to kill him, too. Over time, he learned to control his rage and became much more level-headed than he used to be. With all of the changes Eren has undergone, it’s only natural that his hairstyle would change over time as well! This article will focus on the evolution of Eren’s hairstyle throughout the series and help you put together an Attack on Titan cosplay with ease!

The style

Before he took on Titans, Eren used to have a typical shaggy hairstyle that can be seen in previous volumes of Attack on Titan. But as soon as he entered his titan form and began fighting alongside Mikasa and Armin, he decided it was time for a change. A new haircut represented his evolution from skinny boy scout to badass soldier who would fight for humanity’s survival.

How to style it

From shaggy and choppy, to spiky and modern, it’s all about your own personal preference when it comes to styling Eren’s hair. If you have an angled fringe then make sure you blow dry your hair as flat as possible before styling it into spikes with a wax or pomade. If you don’t have much length on top then try slicking your fringe back from mid-length upwards – either with a comb or by simply running your fingers through it.

Care and maintenance

To keep it looking fly, you should regularly shampoo, condition and style your hair. Every three days or so, use a moisturizing shampoo that contains silicone. To avoid damaging your hair, never brush or comb it when wet; wait until it dries before using a comb or brush. Try not to use heated appliances (flat irons, curling irons) on synthetic hair—even if they’re labeled temperature-safe—unless you’re sure you can trust them.

Is there an easier way?

Yes! Watch these two videos and skip all of that hair-torture yourself. There’s no reason to be going through so much pain just to copy a character from your favorite anime. O_O When you watch these tutorials, it should feel like ouji fashion has been right in front of you all along!

The transformation

After being forced into joining his school’s Scouting Legion, Eren quickly proved that he wasn’t just adept at piloting a Titan, but could also serve as a force of reckoning on land. But even though he was a good soldier, it took some time for his outfit to catch up with his ferocity.

Where you can get it

How do you get Mikasa’s hair? And how do you get Eren’s hair? These questions have been on fans minds since Attack on Titan first began its run. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about getting them! From what products to use and where to buy them all right down to hairstyles that imitate them (and how much they cost!) We cover everything you need to know. Now, onto business…

Other characters with the same hairstyle

Characters with similar hairstyles include Tsubasa Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari, Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, and Impey Barbicane from The Castle of Cagliostro. Interestingly enough, these are also characters who have a known seiyuu (voice actor) with a hairstyle very similar to that of Armin’s.

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