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Everyone is uncertain except Messi

Qatar still has a long way to go before the World Cup squad is announced. However, the coaches of the World Cup teams are definitely putting forward their ideas from now on. Many people may have drawn a picture of a group with a draft in their head. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is no exception. How will his World Cup team? Last-minute players may have one or more surprises, combining performance, form, and coach tactics. But one thing is for sure – Argentina will not go to Qatar without Lionel Messi.

Anyone can say, is it something to say again?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Who doesn’t know that Scaloni will start the process of selecting Argentina’s World Cup team by writing Messi’s name first! Still, the reason for saying that is that many more familiar faces like Messi may be seen in Argentina’s World Cup squad. However, the word ‘sure’ is not going to be used in the case of any of those familiar faces like Messi. Argentine midfielder Alexis McAllister thinks that everyone except Messi will have to fight for a place in the national team. “With the exception of Leo (Messi) we are all fighting for a place in the team,” the English club Brighton midfielder told a local daily. This fight will continue till the last day.

Mac Alistair is one of them, but he lags behind the others. He has played five matches for the national team so far. Of these, two in 2019, three this year. He could not play full time in any match. He doesn’t play in any big club like many others. However, with a very simple team, Brighton finished the season at No. 9 in the Premier League, with Mack Alastair playing a big role. He has played 33 matches in the league, scored 5 goals and scored 2 goals. You can play anywhere in the middle. Mac Alistair has the courage to be part of Argentina’s World Cup squad because of his diversity. The most important thing for a player is to give the coach and his team a choice.

Despite sitting on the bench in La Finalisima against Italy, Mack Alastair played in the starting XI against Estonia. He was on the field for an hour, gave me some eye-catching moments, once went very close to the goal.

But it’s not just enough to get a place in the team, Mac Alistair knows. In midfield he will have to fight for a place with Anhel Di Maria, Rodrigo de Paul, Giovanni Lo Celso, Alejandro Gomez, Guido Rodriguez, Leando Paredes. The task is very difficult for 23-year-old Mac Alistair. But Mac Alistair wants to use the opportunity to overcome that difficult challenge, ‘I’m dreaming. We are very close to the World Cup. I will try my best to have my name there when the final team is announced.

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