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What is the distinction between a MIM and an Msc Finance degree? We haven’t met a single applicant who hasn’t considered this. The Msc Finance degree is well-known and has been around for a long time, but the three-decade-old MIM degree normally requires explanation.

Let’s speak about the differences between ESCP MIM and ESADE MSc Finance in this article, as well as a long number of reasons to assist you determine which one is better in ESCP MIM vs ESADE MSc Finance.

ESCP MIM Introduction

The ESCP EUROPE MiM programme is designed for tomorrow’s leaders. It is now ranked 5th in the world and consistently ranks among the top 10 business schools worldwide. The integrated programme curriculum, which is taught across six ESCP Europe sites, allows students to achieve up to four national degrees and even dual degrees with over 120 university partners around the world.


  • The ESCP Master in Management is a two- to three-year programme that includes fundamental management courses as well as specializations offered throughout the School’s locations.
  • Students will have the opportunity to study abroad, gain practical experience, and develop all of the skills necessary to begin a rewarding international career.
  • The ESCP Master in Management programme enhances your learning experience. We provide a dynamic atmosphere for students to enhance their talents through a combination of core courses, topical seminars, specialisations, and electives.

Benefits of ESCP MIM Program

  • The ESCP Master in Management is designed for ambitious, innovative future leaders who wish to focus on systemic thinking in a complicated setting.
  • Corporate executives that are multinational, digital, and effective are in higher demand in today’s fast-changing business climate.
  • The Master of Management programme is meant to help students learn how to analyse complex strategic and operational management issues in a global setting.

ESADE MSc Finance Introduction

The Esade Master of Finance programme will take you on a tour across the financial sector. You’ll gain worldwide perspectives, in-depth knowledge, and practical experience along the road.

You’ll gain more advanced financial management skills by analysing corporate financial decision-making processes, researching financial statements in depth, and diving deep into the area of fintech after you’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge (financial technology). Your exposure to Esade’s famously diverse and multicultural atmosphere will supplement the knowledge you gain in the classroom.


  • MSc Finance is one of the courses offered, and it is a popular domain in today’s industry with a promising future.
  • The course is taught by world-class instructors who have extensive experience in their fields.

Benefits of ESADE MSc Finance Program

  • Specialisation: Corporate Financial Management, Banking & Fintech, or Asset Pricing & Big Data in Finance are the three tracks available.
  • CFA Partnership Programme: Take advantage of the school’s ties with industry leaders such as the CFA Institute and Bloomberg.
  • Finance Series: Our lecturers are at the cutting edge of the fast-paced financial world. They mix active business positions with cutting-edge academic research.
  • Reputation: Begin your postgraduate education among tomorrow’s business and finance leaders by enrolling in one of the world’s leading Master of Finance programmes.
  • International Experience: During intensive, week-long study tours throughout the world, you’ll visit premier colleges and leading companies. Specialist lectures will provide you with useful information on important themes.

A Categorised Detailed ESCP MIM vs ESADE MSc Finance Program

ParticularsParticularsESCP MIMESADE MSc Finance Program

Course Commencement Details
Duration2 years (Full Time)10 months (Full Time)
Course LevelPG DegreePG Degree
Type of UniversityPrivatePrivate
Year of establishment18191958

Fees & Expenses
Tuition & feesINR 19,17,923INR 26,27,639
TransportationINR 60,833INR 50,694
Application FeesINR 15,208
LeisureINR 2,53,470INR 2,53,470
Mobile CostINR 25,347
UtilitiesINR 67,592

Entry Requirements
12thNo specific cutoff mentionedNo specific cutoff mentioned
GraduationNo specific cutoff mentioned1. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field.2. Being a globally minded student who has excelled academically.3. Prior work experience, additional language proficiency, and overseas experience are all considered pluses that will help the application.No specific cutoff mentioned1. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a related field.2. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a different field may be considered for admission.
Post GraduationNo specific cutoff mentioned
TOEFLNo specific cutoff mentionedMarks – 100/120
GMATNo specific cutoff mentionedNo specific cutoff mentioned
PTEMarks – 68/90
IELTSNo specific cutoff mentionedMarks – 7/9
GRENo specific cutoff mentionedNo specific cutoff mentioned


The ESCP Master in Management (MIM) is a master’s programme that gives advanced general management knowledge while maintaining theoretical underpinnings, whereas the ESADE Master in Finance (Msc Finance) provides specialised knowledge with a more practical emphasis.

ESCP MIM is a less expensive alternative to an ESADE Msc Finance degree, while it is still more expensive than a standard master’s degree.



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