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Enjoy the Cool Desert Breeze During the Evening Desert Safari

If you have never been to the desert for a safari, you will be surprised to read that you can have a mesmerizing journey through the desert. Desert safari will help you to explore new things about the desert. You will never have imagined that such a level of fun and enjoyment could be observed in the desert. However, if you are afraid of the severe weather that you have to face in the desert, you must go for an evening desert safari.

Evening desert safari is full of fun activities. The best thing about it is that the weather gets moderate in the desert in the evening. The sand cools down quickly, and cold breezes welcome you in the desert. However, weather or cold breezes are not the only reason for an evening desert safari. Following are some of the features of evening desert safari that will pull you towards it.

Dune Bashing

The first activity you do on any type of desert safari is dune bashing. It starts soon after you enter the vast sandy land, desert. Just imagine how beautiful it would feel to bash the fine sand all around your vehicle. Scenes will feel even more beautiful in the evening. The glow of sand mixed with the evening’s darkness to give some magical sceneries. Overall this was a warm and fictitious start to your amazing journey.

Amazing Rides

Amazing and classic rides in the desert are an integral component of evening desert safari. The best thing about these rides is that you will probably have them for the first time. Let’s have a look at some top rides you are going to enjoy during evening desert safari.

Quad Bike

The quad bike is the first ride you have after entering the desert. These quad bikes are usually provided by your touring company. Quad bikes with gigantic wheels are designed perfectly for deserts. With an efficient and high-power engine, you are going to enjoy its ride, and it will remain in your memories forever. Moreover, a slight tilting of the bike will let you have a closer view of the beautiful scenes after dune bashing.

Camel Ride

The traditional Arabian ride is compulsory when you enter a desert for an evening safari. The ship of the desert, the camel, will help you to get closer to the old ways of traveling. You will experience how people used to travel in ancient times. And most importantly, you will also explore the true speed of a camel and will know why it is called the ship of desert.


Surfing on a sandy ocean will be something that you have never experienced before. Get your sand board or regular surfing board along with you in the desert and have this fantastic ride. The only thing you need to do is to find a top spot in the desert. Then place your board, adjust on it, and start moving downward.

Sunset Scene

The scenes of sunset are very mesmerizing in the desert. Evening desert safari will provide you with this beautiful scene. When you feel the sun is setting down, find a peaceful place in the desert, preferably at some height, and witness the scenery. This scene, mixed with the cold desert breeze, will take you to another world. The world of imagination and the world away from time.

Taking Photographs

You will find several occasions during evening desert safari to capture yourself by camera. Bring your own camera with you or hire cameramen roaming in the desert to take your pics during different activities. Never miss taking photographs in an Arabian dress. Falcon photographs are also very popular.


It is the optional feature of desert safari but the best way to end your journey in the desert. A delicious BBQ dinner at night before leaving for home will be the most fantastic thing. Several types of BBQ, along with regional and continental cuisines, are not something you want to miss. So, always book a safari that offers a BBQ dinner.


The above features will surely have made your mind to have an evening desert safari. Pack your bag, take your family or friends along with you, and head towards the desert to enjoy an evening desert safari with cold breezes.

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