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Eid Decorations and Crafts

Eid has finally arrived! It’s surreal to think that Ramadan will be done in a few days. This weird sensation can only be characterized as the pinnacle of bitter-sweetness. Ramadan is one of the most unique, fortunate, and needed periods of the year, and watching it end feels like saying goodbye to a long-awaited visit from a loved one. It’s painful to think you might not see them again, but at the same time, you’ve spent the last month with your lover and grown as a person both spiritually and emotionally. Eid is a time to rejoice because Ramadan was memorable for us.Eid is a time to rejoice and worship our Creator, as well as to thank Him for allowing us to see and enjoy the holiest season of the year. Eid is another blessing and compassion from God, and it follows a lengthy month of restraint, dedication, spiritual cleansing, and meditation. Eid serves as a reminder that God’s Mercy is all around us and that He alone is deserving of our honor and adoration. Eid is a time for families to join together for feasts and celebrations and Eid Mubarak decorations and enjoyment for the entire family. It’s the time of year when we should make an extra effort for the little children in our households.

They should be as eager about Eid as their friends are about Easter or Christmas. So go all in! Why not take this Eid a step further by including the entire family, investing in a glue gun, and doing everything yourselves in terms of décor, cuisine, and eid mubarak decorations?

  • Sweet Fajr is your one-stop-shop for all things DIY! The little pinatas are simple to build, much fun, and personalized to your liking.
  • Is it truly Eid if there is no Eid dinner? Is it truly Eid supper if there aren’t lanterns in every nook and crevice of the house? Not. Why do you add a humorous touch to your Eid table setting by making your own napkin ring set?
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a decent, simple sugar cookie? If you like to impress your guests at this year’s Eid gathering with a plate full of moon and star cookies, this is the recipe for you. The most excellent part about these cookies is that you can engage the entire family in decorating and adding their patterns to the various forms.
  • Gift-giving is an essential component of Eid. One of the annoyances that many of us have when living in the West is that we can seldom purchase Eid-related gift tags in the mall. Sweet Fajr, on the other hand, has you covered yet again. You may design, label, and present to your heart’s delight with her downloadable Eid tags!
  • To liven up the decor for Eid, you may use card stock, felt, foil, or whatever else you have in your craft box. A Spin’s step-by-step instruction will guide you through the process of making this lovely garland in time for Eid.
  • Simplicity is sometimes essential. When it comes to Eid decorations, it’s good to choose something simple, inexpensive, and appealing. It provides more mental and physical energy to focus on other things!
  • What’s more, this magnificent décor concept is feasible with inexpensive materials acquired entirely from the dollar store – what could be better? Sweet Fajr made this lovely Eid sign on Instagram, but a complete lesson on the overall process can be seen in this video.
  • Fill these festive party crackers with small delicacies such as chocolates, gold coins, and dates. They offer a vibrant and cheerful feel to your meal and are simple to prepare yourself. Martha Stewart has DIY instruction available here.

Giving money to younger children is an old Eid practice. It is something we all looked forward to as children. The no-sew Eidi envelopes are ideal for getting the youngsters even more enthusiastic and into the Eid celebration.

Eid Mubarak – May God accept all of our good deeds and allow us to meet Ramadan again next year.

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