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Effects of NEP on CBSE schools in Pune

Being a parent, especially in this fast-growing world with ever-changing policies, it becomes hard to keep up with the changes in a student’s educational life. Here, we will be focusing on the changes in the Central education system and the changes after the New Education Policy 2020 in the NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) syllabus which is recommended by the CBSE schools in pune(Central Board of Secondary/School Examination/ Education). 

The New Education Policy has brought many changes in the educational institutions and most importantly the students. After 34 years, the National Education Policy was reformed and was approved by the union cabinet on July 29, 2020. The motive of this amendment to India’s education system is “No child will be left behind”. The New Education Policy proposes scrapping the 10+2 design of the educational institutions and following a 5+3+3+4 pattern. 

The new arrangement would act in accordance with the 3-8 years of rudimentary stage education, 8-11 years of preliminary schooling, 11-14 of junior high schooling while the final stage is for years 14-18, i.e., high school. The last stage will be made up of four years of multidisciplinary study, with critical thinking, attention to life ambitions and greater adjustability and more options for the students to choose from.

Impact Of NEP on CBSE Students:

  • Provides an opportunity for students to focus on academic as well as non-academic activities.
  • Making students future-ready by introducing 21st Century skills like AI
  • Giving access to additional services like counselling. 
  • Opportunity to focus on improving skills and build competency on the basis of knowledge and not marks. 
  • Multiple doorways for mid-term dropout students

Impact of NEP on CBSE Teachers:

  • Transparent recruitment and selection of teachers on the basis of training.
  • Proper training to be provided to all the teachers
  • Introducing professional teaching style and teaching tools.

The New Education Policy 2020 will be implemented by the academic year 2023-24 as stated by the government. All Boards in India will be given a standard framework and the New NCERT textbooks will be developed and in use from the year 2023-24. The training for the teaching faculties of CBSE schools in Pune  was already in motion since the approval of the NEP in 2020 and by early 2021, more than 20 lakh Teachers were trained as per the NEP guidelines. 

The New education policy, 2020 clearly states that the teaching methods will greatly focus on the enhancement of a student’s creativity and providing them with more opportunities for hands-on experience. The NEP aims to make it easier for the students to gain knowledge from the Indian educational institutions which will be at par with the global standards. For the students to compete at a global level, the NEP 2020 has turned out to be a fruitful solution. 

AI For All

  • Governments all over the world are trying to include Artificial intelligence (AI) in the daily lives of people for a deeper understanding and comprehension of a subject and aiming for a more advanced world with faster technological growth. 
  • In sync with the larger goal to enable the future generation to be technologically advanced and have a skill set useful for the 21st Century, CBSE has Introduced AI as a subject for class VI-XII. 
  • The teaching methods are also integrated with AI and has been one of the most impactful steps by the government in enhancing the learning and understanding experience of a student. CBSE board high schools have taken a ‘twin initiative’ to make the students of India ‘AI Aware’.
  1. Firstly, AI will be introduced to the students as an elective subject in classes 8, 9 and 10. This means the students will be provided with an option to choose AI as their subject. 
  1. Secondly, it deals with the assumption that AI is a perceptive Science, that can be associated with a variety of subjects that is related to awareness and reasoning. All subjects, including Mathematics, Neuro-Sciences, Psychology, Computing, Physics, Sociology, Economics, Languages, and philosophy, come under this territory.  CBSE has made it compulsory that all schools will begin to amalgamate AI with other disciplines from classes 1 to 12.

Students, Parents and Teachers have been accustomed to a familiar pattern of studies for a very long time but with this new policy, things will change therefore it is very important for you as a parent to know about these policies and which school will implement this in a better manner. As we know change is a part of life and upgrading for something better is always required. You need to see that your child grows and is able to benefit from this policy. There are many CBSE schools in Pune that have already started implementing these things. With this, you will get a clear idea of which school to choose. 

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