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Ecommerce Website Design Tips For Improved User Experience And Sales

Web design matters a lot when creating an eCommerce website. It allows for connecting with more prospects, building a brand, and selling more. For an eCommerce website success, the design has to be perfect including colors, images, fonts, graphics, and words. It has to influence the viewers to make a purchase decision. 

The web design has to attract potential consumers and offers an awesome user experience. The site has to look appealing as well as share the brand feel pushing visitors to act and buy your products. You can check out the web-design in Oslo by Mementor to get an idea.

Ecommerce website designing tips

Keep things simple

While designing an eCommerce website the first rule is to keep things simple. More elements on the page like colors, popups, or banner ads can dent the sale closure process. These are all distractions, so keep the design clean, simple, and clear to stay focused on sales. 

Wear your customer’s shoes

Connect with your customers like how they think during the designing process.

  • What layout will be easily navigable for them?
  • How to organize the products that are helpful to end-users?
  • How to simplify the checkout process?

Wearing customers’ shoes will allow you to design the site that suits their needs.

Prioritize branding

People prefer established brands, so you will need to attract serious sales and build trust. Determine your brand and communicate it via your web design. Branding is about who you are, what you are, and what makes you different. It plays a crucial role in building rapport with potential consumers and drive sales.

Choose suitable colors

Use colors to your advantage and not because it is your favorite. Different colors inspire diverse emotions, actions, and feelings. So, leverage color inspirations – for example, red inspires the feel of passion and excitement that drives spending, so make the purchase button red. Incorporate blue because it increases the feeling of trust. 

Use professional images

People expect to see premium quality images of the product they plan to buy. So, have professionals click images of your products. It helps in nurturing trust and confidence among consumers. No images mean they feel hesitant to buy and you lose conversion opportunities. 

Make content scannable

Visitors generally, scan 80% of the text looking for the key information. So, break the content and transform it into an easy-to-scan layout. Keep sentences short, paragraphs concise, key information in bold, and bullet list to break large text blocks.

Web design has to look professional

Professional means there must not be any misspelling or typo error. The colors, font, and footer design have to be consistent from one page to another. The buttons and product links must work. Photos uploaded must appear professional and not look outdated as if captured from your old iPhone. Take yourself seriously, so potential consumers take you seriously and the only way is to approach a professional web designing company. 

Add social proof

Social proof is a way to build trust and credibility. Add a rating and feedback section for customers to share their experiences. Request consumers for a product review. People read reviews before they make a shopping decision. A positive shopping experience on your eCommerce site helps to build trust and enhance conversions.



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