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Easy Steps To Install Blinds On Windows

Blinds can be installed easily on the windows and many DIYers do that even if you are a homeowner, you can also do that by yourself. For that purpose, you have to know little details and you must know how to measure to get the best for these blinds.

Blinds often prove as a budget-friendly choice for all homeowners when they want to control the privacy of their home as well want to filter the light that is coming from outside of the home.

Since blinds are available in different sizes styles, designs and patterns and you must the knowledge to choose them as the best choice ever for your home.

So, before installing them you have to know all the properties of them and then it will be very easy for you to install them on your own. Their properties include the right size according to the windows and how to measure the windows accurately to get the best fit.

Installing blinds on the windows is a job that if you start in the morning, you can complete by the evening you just need some equipment to mount your desired blinds on the windows of your home.

That equipment is as follows:

  • Desired Blinds
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Mount Brackets

Let’s see what steps you should follow to install your blinds on the windows of your home.

Choose The Desired Blinds Style:

Before installing blinds, you have to select the best design according to your design and you should consider the material and mounting style of the blinds which add the best complement to the existing households inside your house.

Some blinds are made from hard materials like wood, plastic, and vinyl. Some of them are made from fabric. Some of the blinds are made with eh help of slats like vertical blinds and horizontal blinds in which those slats are placed vertically and horizontally.

Any of these above-mentioned kinds of blinds can provide a modest look to your house and if you pair them with curtains then it will give your house a traditional look.

After choosing the right style then the next step is to choose the place where you want to hang them, whether you want to hang them inside the window frame or outside the window frame on the wall.

If you want to hang them inside the window frame then you have to know the exact measurement of the window frame and then you can go for installing them.

Most professionals refer to mounting the blinds inside the window frame because it provides you with a more efficient and cleaner look. But you can also place them on the wall around the window as long as the curtains and blinds bracket are far from each other.

After achieving all these conditions now, you are a few steps far to hang these amazing blinds on the windows of your house.

Measure The Window Frame To Get The Right Size:

To be precise in measuring the window frame is very crucial because if you are going to plant your blinds inside the frame then you have to be very accurate in measuring the size of the frame. You had to know the exact width and length of the frame and then you can match it with made to measure blinds if you are planning to install custom blinds then you have to provide the accurate size and the manufacturer then manufacture the blinds right according to your given measurements.

For accurate size, and measurement use measuring tape and determine the depth inside the frame and then check the product’s label to know the minimum depth required to install those blinds.

To measure the blinds there are three major points to be measured top, middle, and bottom. It is very necessary to measure all these points because the window frame can be easily out of the square if you don’t measure them properly.

To measure the height of the blinds, start from the top to downwards to the bottom rail of the window and note the measurement if you plan to install vertical blinds. To measure the width, start from one side to another side rail and add extra 4 inches in and note down the measurement if you plan to install horizontal blinds that extra inches completely block all sunlight from the outside.

Attach The Brackets:

Before placing brackets read the instruction manual that is provided with the product and check all the hardware that comes with it. As mentioned above blinds can be placed inside or outside the window frame. The horizontal blinds are longer than the normal length and have support in the middle of the blinds to prevent them from dangling.

Measure the space and mark it with a pencil to place the bracket on the wall drill in the wall then and secure the brackets on the wall right according to the size.

Install Upper Rails:

When brackets are placed on the wall fit the upper rail of the blinds on the bracket and hang the blinds downwards. Typically, you can fit the blinds by just applying a little bit of pressure and they easily fit on the bracket.

But before applying any pressure on these blinds make sure that you read the instruction manual of the product if they allow you to apply any pressure or not. Most blind manufacturers allow applying some pressure because tools are not allowed to be used on this step.

Finish With Placing Valance Into Place:

Most of the blinds come with a finished cover that covers the top of the blinds to provide it with a finishing look that piece is known as a valance. When you are done installing, the blinds, at last, put this valance on the top and give your blind a finishing look by applying some pressure because in this step tools are also banned to use.


In the end, the summary is that installing blinds is a very easy task to do even at home if you have proper and enough knowledge about them to choose the right style and design and then you can do quick installation very easily if you follow step by step guide properly.

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