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Dubai Museum Of The Future: Look Inside What It Is Hiding

The Dubai Museum of The Future, one of the most stunning museums globally, is beautiful from the inside and outside. The Museum of the Future stands 77 meters/225 feet tall and has a total floor space of 30,548 square meters.

The Museum of the future Dubai’s opening date was in February 2022. It is to be one of the most distinctive attractions in Dubai and the world. Moreover, it is a fantastic innovation that uses technology to provide mind-bending experiences for visitors. 

Further, the Museum has been hailed as the centerpiece of Dubai’s extensive list of international attractions, in line with Dubai’s ambition to be a technological hub. 

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So, now let’s take a glance at the uniqueness of the Dubai Museum of the Future.

An Overview Of The Dubai Museum Of The Future 

The Museum was created by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is a part of the Dubai Future Foundation, which offers valuable insights into the future of humanity. In 2015, the state-of-the-art facility received approval, and development began shortly afterward.

A UK-based architectural firm was the lead consultant on the Dubai museum of the future project. 

Moreover, the complex mathematical models used to create the Museum’s exterior framework, which consists of 2400 members made from steel, are simple in layman’s terms.

The exterior structure resembles an eye, symbolic of humanity’s desire to see the future and explore the unknown. In contrast, the hole in the middle symbolizes the void, the mystery-shrouded universe, and the hidden truths beyond. The structure is 78 meters high and features beautiful calligraphy by the ruler of Dubai. Thanks to a range of LED lights, the Museum’s lights will be visible up to 5 km away at night.

Museum Of The Future Dubai Inside

This game-changing technology will be available for visitors to interact with. The Dubai Museum of the Future floors are like a large interactive movie set, and visionary artists, technologists, and storytellers brought life to the stairs. Moreover, the Museum focuses on the future of space travel, living and climate change, and health and wellness. Apart from groundbreaking innovations, there will be talks and workshops from some of the most renowned minds in the world.

Children from three to ten years old can have an open-world experience in the Future Heroes’ environment. This area’s purpose is to motivate youngsters to realize their maximum potential.

The Museum of the Future Dubai ticket price starts at AED145 for children under three years old, Emirati senior citizens, and people of determination.

The Dubai Museum of the Future includes floors focusing on various experiences. The Museum will have three floors dedicated to immersive exhibitions. It focuses on futures in outer space resource development, bioengineering, health, well-being, and spirituality. 

The other floor will focus on the near-future technology that will impact the globe by addressing health, water, and food issues. The last floor will be for children, and they will solve problems in their unique way and become “future heroes.”

Sustainability – The Central Theme

While technological innovation is the main core theme of this Museum, sustainability is the project’s core. The Museum boasts unsurpassed green credentials, including modern building control protocols and grey-water recycling systems.

Photovoltaic solar panels will power the building offsite, while hybrid and electric vehicles can charge on-site. Industry experts point out that the Museum will prohibit single-use plastic. Visitors will only find healthy and alternative protein options in the Museum’s food section. 

Dubai will become a sustainable ecosystem, which is the whole purpose of the project. 

Museum Of The Future Architect & Design

The Dubai Museum of the Future design features an asymmetrical torus with steel and glass cladding, and National Geographic named it one of the 14 most beautiful museums worldwide. This is Shaun Killa, the architect who designed the Museum of the Future to reflect Dubai’s vision for the future.

The striking exterior of the Museum of the Future architect is also due to its artistic use of Arabic calligraphy. 

These glass windows can also function as windows. Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej designed the windows and reflected the lines of inspirational poetry written by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President, Prime Minister, UAE, Ruler of Dubai).


The impressive structure is at Sheikh Zayed Road and is visible from the metro or when driving down the highway. Taking the Red Line to Emirates Towers Metro Station would transport you to the Museum in less than five minutes.

Final Say

The Dubai Museum of the Future is a victory for the human spirit and development. Further, the Museum lives up to its hype. The facility’s mission is to bridge the divide between future tech and the human intellect to generate revolutionary results for the present and future.

Later on, the Museum intends to house high-tech research labs focused on health, education, smart cities, renewable energy sources, and transportation.

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