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Dr jay feldman business owner with little experience in the process of launching a Website may fall victim to a scam by relying on inexperienced fraudulent, untruthful Webmasters.

This article is merely to raise awareness among Entrepreneurs, and I would also declare it’s a remembrance to them.

Our culture from the past has taught us that “one should follow a Principle or go by the way the elders shown the way, because, they have inherited these values from generation-down-to- generation” I’ve removed. It is possible to say that since the beginning of time.

In the same way, with the rise of the need to create and launch websites, entrepreneurs should choose a genuine, trustworthy, green, and eco-friendly Website developer.

I’m cutting this valuable piece or limit to just providing ten useful tips for entrepreneurs to aid them in their selection of the most reliable web developers.

What exactly is a website, and the reason why it is needed?

It is true that by using the World Wide Web (www), the Entrepreneur has the benefit of revealing to the world his company’s profile and the obligation it has to those in dire need of their goods which are manufactured/stocked and traded. It is why it is important to seek out a reputable Web Designer for this purpose.

With this invention, most of the amount of workforce needed for marketing and distribution of items around the world is cut in a significant way. It reduces the cost of the products sold, which reduces the costs of the establishment and energy during the speech detailing the product’s specifications, its quantity of production and their quality, the Lab/inspection equipment used, etc.

How does the Entrepreneur get the response of the Viewer?

Visitors to the Entrepreneur’s Website receive direct information about products that are available to meet their requirements. They then complete the dynamic Enquiry form on the Website hosted by the host and then send the form to the Entrepreneurs website mail ID that is delivered within one second after the submission click. It means that the precious time spent in posting, faxing, or calling to convey the need for the product to the entrepreneurs is reduced. Also, entrepreneurs can get in touch with those who have visited their Website, using the numbers of their contacts, email IDs, etc. The entire process is completed by sitting itself.

What else can the Viewer get on the Entrepreneurs website?

In addition to being aware of the product’s availability and availability, the user also has access to the images of the product along with its description, the certification of quality given to the product that was manufactured or traded, Laboratory Tests, and the report of an inspection on the product, and so on. It gives confidence to those who view it to ship their requirements.

How can you increase confidence among viewers in the Entrepreneur’s products, which are widely used?

In general, the human instinct is that when a well-known business uses the products of the Entrepreneurs, their subsidiaries of the Companies and other valuable customers will follow the same model until the product is recognized on the international market. Therefore, it is important to put the names of well-known companies on the Website and the number of goods sold, which will increase the viewers’ confidence in buying the Entrepreneurs’ products.

What can you do to avoid fraud, non-authentic, truthful Company Web Site Developers?

It is a vital aspect to keep in mind for a businessperson. In the 21st Century, many fake, unauthentic websites are fictitious, fake, and fraudulent.

Developers appear day in and day out, trying to make a profit without a proper plan. They don’t have professional experience or accounting background, nor do they have qualified technical experts available. In the morning, they start a business with the name of a small room, present themselves as well-known Developer, and have a few close friends to assist the business in their outreach to entrepreneurs.

After accumulating huge sums of money for advance payments, they set the timer for the creation on the Entrepreneurs Website, only to disappear the next day, completely putting aside their website development business. We’ve read about such incidents in the top newspapers and can also read about them through the media channels. Entrepreneurs must identify the legitimate Website developer via Market inquiry or through reputable Agencies before committing and placing an order for website development. If an Entrepreneur becomes involved in fake Website developers, it would be very difficult to get from this mess, and the reason for this is lost.

What is the best way to determine the cost of a Website’s creation and development?

Dr jay feldman must maintain tight control of their finances to be able to transfer them to the Website Developers. It is done by selecting a few well-known Website Developers, contacting trusted sources, or requesting quotes from a registered Website company. The cost aspect is analyzed by analyzing the price of the quotation received, and then further negotiations using the quotation or call every one of the Companies who’ve provided a quote for negotiations across the table and make a final choice before putting in an order for the development of the Website. It is the most secure method.

What is the true benefit that was gained or not achieved after the development, development, and launch of the Entrepreneurs Website?

Every business owner wants the maximum benefit from the Website’s launch. It’s quite sensible. It is the reason why a reputable and reputable Website Developer is needed to accomplish this. Just because a Website Designer offers a lower cost, an Entrepreneur shouldn’t entrust them with the task of creating or launching a Website. The price isn’t the only important factor, but also the quality of construction for the Websites and the benefits they can provide by providing more pages, the longer-term usage, and so on, also, into consideration. I can assure entrepreneurs that having a reliable reputation, professional and financially sound background, and a registered Web Developer will prove advantageous in the long run.

The way the Entrepreneur can be satisfied with the website development?

The Entrepreneur should also ensure that the Website they create is developed, launched, and released in line with their thoughts of necessity and value and that they are satisfied with the development, creation, and launching of their Website.

What is the best way to find a place of business for entrepreneurs, as well as the methods of accessibility of transport, etc.?

It is an aspect that the dr jay feldman should be aware of. A lot of industrial zones are being designed to provide the business concentrated in a remote area which, sometimes, is outside the city limits. Thus, it is better to have a map of the location or sketch of the Entrepreneur’s place by marking the location with distance and proximity, as well as the nearest accessibility of transportation via Rail, Air, Road, Port, etc. So that users have a variety of options for transportation according to their preferences.

What do would the entrepreneurs like the audience to react?

Not last, I’d suggest that the entrepreneurs would like to hear the reaction from their valued viewers through various methods, including via post, telephone via fax, post, mobile phones, Landline phones, or through personal visits, etc. The floor in-charges or receptionists should be obliged to respond to visitors and callers promptly. In this regard, there should be a Page that is specifically designated as Contact US and will be added to the last web page of Entrepreneurs Website. The page should contain the full name of the Entrepreneur and complete address for postal purposes, including Pin Code, the nearest landmark to their location, email IDs, contact numbers, Grievances Cell, purchase and sales department contact numbers, along with the names of the in-charge. It will enable the users to transact business with the appropriate officials without much hassle effortlessly.



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