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Does the world really need a mobile app?

It might seem like each business in town is launching an app. Yet, there is a question: Does each business really need one? Is the world that app dependent?

The answer to such a question is a tricky one because it is never easy to predict and measure intangibles, especially the value of keeping up with the technology components, rising customer interest, and customers’ perception of the business. Predicting and measuring these things is hard and tricky.

Hence, as a company is trying to decide if they really need an app, they must try quantifying their options and objectives as much as they can. They should be able to answer the following questions in a specific manner, and they will be much better equipped to make a worthwhile decision.

What problem needs resolution?

This is a fundamental question each company should answer. Companies must think through their customers’ experiences. Is there a place in the experience that is experiencing either a lot of work or a lot of friction? Can an app ease all that?

Making an app without any proper purpose is plain and simple and pointless. Those who wish to make their customers use an app must be able to provide value that is clear, obvious, and worth the investment. They can also ask the same question while referring to their internal processes.

Often, businesses will use a custom app to smoothen up processes or eliminate redundant internal tasks.

Apps do not need to be just for customers (though that will be a great purpose). They can also be used by employees, management and other people in a firm for achieving business objectives.

Are there any existing software or apps that can solve a particular problem?

No one wishes to reinvent the wheel more than the others do. Once companies have clearly identified the problem, they should carry out research to see if someone else has already solved the problem. What may seem like a problem to one may not be a problem to another.

There is a truckload of options when it comes to creating software that is truly out-of-the-box in nature,  something professionals from a mobile app development company based in Burnaby agree upon.

There are many options in terms of out-of-the-box software, hence companies must do research to see what is present out there. If they are unable to find anything that is worth the while and buck, then they can go for creating a custom app/software that can solve the problem a customer is facing.

Companies also need to consider the notion of out of the box app/software compared to creating a custom software/app. Such software often has either a subscription fee or a fee based per user’s usage. It will often be charged either monthly or yearly.

Custom software will be having a higher cost up-front. Yet recurring costs will be quite low. Hence the true cost of each kind depends on what it will cost, the number of users using the app, and the length of time they anticipate using it.

What would anyone gain from making a custom app?

For those who are considering an app, their customers would use, what would be the outcome justifying their investments and development costs? What would actions from customers happen? How many actions are there for the app to become a worthwhile investment?

If a company is considering an app for internal use only, what amount of time needs to be saved by employees? What mistakes can the app remove and how much do those errors cost? Firms must take notice of what competitors are doing.

Would that firm be the first one in the industry or area of expertise in providing a mobile app? Innovation does have its benefits, as long as it makes sense for other reasons in making an app (hire app developer). 

Adding specifics to such a process helps companies see things more clearly and make much more well informed decisions. This can help companies examine the case of a custom made app for iOS or Android more clearly. Moreover, the app should be made on the basis that it solves problems with relevant ease.

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