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Doctor consultation is so easy right now and keep in touch with from wherever you are

Last year I went through a hard breakup with my fiancé, who was cheating on me, and I discovered that a few weeks before our marriage. It was a real shock for me, and I went through depression and I hated myself and everyone around me. I remember that I thought a lot about suicide.

My mom was always beside me, encouraging me and helping me to overcome this situation, but when she knows about my thoughts of suicide. She immediately booked me an appointment with a psychologist at Novomed in Abu Dhabi, but I didn’t want to go. She insisted, so I agreed and went to see the psychologist.

During our consultation, the psychologist noticed that I am avoiding any contact with her or with other people. She asked me if I am feeling comfortable with the therapy at the clinic, I told her that I don’t have any problem with the therapy, but I prefer to be at home. She understood my needs very well and suggested having our consultations online.

I didn’t know what she means, so I asked her more about this suggestion. She told me that telemedicine is very effective in treating cases psychologically from home. She explained to me that I don’t have to come to her clinic anymore, all I have to do is to book an online consultation on the Novomed website and get the confirmation from the doctor about the time and day. And then we can have a call, or video call to talk more and discuss my problems and issues, and get all the help needed.

I felt more comfortable with this kind of consultation, and I thought that it is the best idea now to not get out of my comfort zone until I am ready. So we agreed to have our next consultation online, and check if it is going to work. The next week, I booked an online doctor consultation with my psychologist, and we had a video call where we discussed my breakup and my thoughts about suicide. It was very successful, and since then we had our Telemedicine consultations online and the therapy was successful. Thank you very much Novomed.

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