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Do You Know the Difference between a Hydrogen Machine and Water Ionizer?

These days lots of research is done on drinking water, hydrogen water machines, as well as alkaline water machines.

However, people do not understand what the health benefits they offer and often assume that both these are perhaps the same and somehow one must be the extension of the other.

However, this is not true as both these are two are different technologies and are not at all related to each other. Let us find out more info about both of these in this post.

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The alkaline water machine normally works based on electrolysis/ionization technology. Here the input water will be broken down into 2 components:

  • Acidic
  • Alkaline

Both these will have different pH values that are used for drinking, cleaning our faces, and also cleaning our utensils. However, the hydrogen water machine generally works on PEM technology, where hydrogen molecules are infused in water.

Alkaline water machines are also called ionizers and offer 50% alkaline water and also 50% acidic water. Usually, people drink alkaline water and discard the acidic water.

Whereas, hydrogen generating machine uses PEM technology, to offer only one kind of water, and does not waste any water.

How hydrogen machines and a water ionizers function

Both water ionizers and hydrogen machines follow a similar process, called electro-dialysis, for generating their healthy waters. These machines run water over certain titanium plates that are electrically charged, platinum-coated and separated by a membrane to generate water. The difference between them is the type of membrane that is used for separating the plates.

A water ionizer is a bidirectional ion-permeable membrane while a hydrogen machine is a unidirectional proton exchange membrane.

The bidirectional ion-permeable membrane of a water ionizer allows ions – charged particles – so it can pass through it in both directions.

The alkaline ions will flow towards the alkaline side and hydrolyze with water molecules for producing the antioxidant hydroxyl ion and also a small number of hydrogen molecules.

The unidirectional proton exchange membrane of a hydrogen machine allows positively charged ions of hydrogen to cross over the negative charge plates, where those ions of hydrogen combine for producing a small amount of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen machines do not produce any kind of antioxidant hydroxyl ions.

Which One Is Best For You?

Certainly, antioxidant alkaline water has a bigger edge. It offers acidity-fighting alkalinity that is not present in hydrogen water. Laboratory research compared both types of water where alkaline water found superior antioxidant effects over hydrogen water.

However, research is still inconclusive as antioxidant alkaline water has got a little number of hydrogen molecules in it, so it is difficult to compare both types of water.

Both these types of water have hydrogen molecular present, which creates an interesting question:

Is it possible to create a single machine that can be used as both a hydrogen water machine and also a water ionizer, so that the benefits can be combined?



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