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Do you have forgotten money? Find out now.

Thousands of Brazilians have forgotten money in receivables banks and many do not know it. Are you within that number?

The Central Bank believes that more than 28 million people and companies have some value to receive in old accounts, however, many people did not do this research. We will teach you how to check if you have forgotten money in the bank. Come on?

First: what is forgotten money?

Forgotten money in amounts that meet certain conditions established by the Central Bank of Brazil. Are they:

  • Balances in checking or savings accounts that have already been closed (but you haven’t withdrawn all the money);
  • Fee amounts that were improperly charged (which are determined in a Term of Commitment signed by your bank with the Central Bank);
  • Installments or obligations of credit operations that were unduly charged (also provided for in the Term of Commitment);
  • Shares of capital and apportionment of net surpluses of beneficiaries of credit unions; and
  • Financial resources from closed consortium groups were not sought.

How to know if you have forgotten money?

To consult the forgotten money, the Central Bank created the System of Receivables, known as SVR. 

It is a platform developed especially for Brazilians to do this research.

The process is very simple. If you are going to do a forgotten money search for you, an individual, access the SVR at the link above and enter your CPF and date of birth. If the search is for your company, enter the CNPJ and the company opening date.

Nice! I have a receivable. And now?

The SVR platform will indicate a date and a time range for you to receive the money that was in the balance. Mark this date in your diary!

On the date and time you set, re-access the SVR website. Only this time you will need to log in with your gov. or account.

Important: you will need a silver or gold level registration to make the consultation and the redemption, as they are more secure.

After accessing, just consult and request the transfer, which can be done by PIX. If you choose a transfer without the PIX key, the financial institution where you have forgotten money will contact you.

I missed the date, now what?

If you missed the date to consult or redeem forgotten money, don’t worry! You can consult it again on May 2, when the Central Bank will begin a new phase of the Values ​​Receivable System.

Beware of Forgotten Money Scams

We’ve already talked about scams out there, but it’s worth remembering: be very careful with providing your data in the digital environment. 

Only use the SVR of the Central Bank (it is the only one valid for the redemption of forgotten money). 

Beware of the fake messages you receive via WhatsApp, SMS, email, and social networks. 

There are many fake websites that simulate the official government website. 

So if you get a link about forgotten money, please read the address carefully. 

Don’t have forgotten money, but need that extra cash?

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