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Do coil tattoo machines hurt more?

Are you thinking about your next tattoo project? If your answer is yes, you probably already have a list of customers and suggestions. For your tattoo project, you will need some tattoo machines to help you design the desired design.

Tattoo machines are small hand tools used to cut leather stamps. Tattoo guns come in two classes: spiral tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines. Find out more about the differences between the two machines. Read for more information Best Coil Tattoo Machines

Coil tattoo machines

This type of tattoo gun is often found in various tattoo shops. Coil tattoo machines are responsible for the sound you hear when you enter tattoo shops. This tattoo gun is required by artists for the following reasons:

  • The speed and power of the bobbin tattoo machine are easy to control.
  • Coil tattoo machines can be easily customized. Tattoo machines guarantee a shorter completion time.
  • Coil tattoos weigh more and give the artist more control.
  • There are three types of bobbin tattoo machines. These are:

Tattoo machines for liners

The main purpose of the tattoo machine is to apply a passage of dominant ink to the skin. This line can be a general tattoo line. Shaders Coil Tattooing Machines

The purpose of this tattoo machine is to apply different ink gradients to the skin. It goes a little deeper into the skin than the liner to wrap the shadows.

Color Packer tattoo machines

The purpose of the color packer tattoo machine is to fill the colors of the tattoo. This type of reel machine is deeper in the skin than shaders. This means wrapping paints and pigments deep into your skin to prevent your work from returning. In addition to plate tattoos, another widely known type of tattoo gun for tatters is a rotary tattoo machine.


These types of tattoo guns use an electric motor to push needles into the skin. Rotary tattoo machines are widely used by tattoo artists for the following reasons:

  • Rotary tattoo machines are lightweight.
  • They are easy to hold and reduce cramps in the hands and fingers.
  • Rotary tattoo machines can be used for edging and shading. They make a little noise when used.
  • They require relatively low maintenance.
  • They are easy to use even for beginners.


As a tattoo artist, you understand the importance of the right tattoo gun for every tattoo project. Tattoo guns are different and their use may require a certain level of skill and experience. Your tattoo gun is your color and leather is your canvas.

Equipment that suits your needs can improve the quality of your work. To find out which tattoo machines are best for you, you can consider the following tips before buying tattoo guns for your next project.


Investing in tattoo machines is important. When buying a tattoo gun, it is necessary to check the material from which it comes. Most tattoo guns from reputable suppliers use copper, brass, and iron. This is because these materials are known to be durable, which reduces the risk of tattoo gun breaking during use.

Think about buying a low-quality tattoo gun that will break in the middle of the tattoo process. This opportunity can damage your client’s skin and destroy your credibility as a tattoo. This is why investing in high-quality materials for your tattoo career is so important.


Tattoos have different and unique designs. Some suggestions may ask you to tattoo your clients in an awkward position. If you do not feel comfortable with the tattoo machines you use, you may be more prone to defects and cramps.

The proper size and shape of your tattoo machines are important because you will probably use them several times a day and sometimes for a long time. If you do not know the tattoo machine, it is best to buy it in a stone shop so that you can test whether it fits perfectly in your hand. Specially made tattoo machines are available on the market for left-handed tattoo artists.

Think about investing in different types of tattoo guns
Tattoo machines are manufactured for specific purposes. There are specific tattoo guns that should be used for edging, shading, dyeing, and more. Even the shading process requires different tattoo guns for soft shadows, best color, tribal black, best work, and more. Using the wrong tattoo machine for one purpose can damage your client’s skin, your machine, or the quality of the tattoo itself. For example, using tattoo machines as shaders may not produce the same effects and results as some machines with shader tattoos.

Although hybrid tattoo machines are available, it is best to invest in tattoo guns that have a different purpose. As a tattoo artist, you also invest in the safety of your clients with various types of tattoo guns.

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