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Do Book Authors need a Website? 5 Reasons Authors need a Website in 2022

When there were no computers, authors wrote books manually by writing. Now we have various easy options to create a book. Back then, it also seemed that there were not a lot of writers. But now, there are many authors, and there are lots of books daily getting published. Ways of publishing have been diversified too. Big publishers have made their place in the market. They don’t allow everyone to publish their book unless it fits the market best and has excellent quality. We have alternate methods of self-publishing and indie publishing too. We have other versions of books, too, that we call eBooks. Everything is so vast that it’s good for authors to make their websites. Since many writers nowadays write books to do business only, creating a website would benefit them more. However, below we’ll discuss five other reasons writers need a website in 2022.

5 Important Reason Author Need a Website in 2022

1. Present Yourself Virtually

People read books in every part of the world. If you live in England and have written a book and published it on the internet, people from Eastern Countries, Australia, the US, Japan, and everywhere will read it if they find it. In every era, people have loved the creators for their works. They want to meet the people who they like. They want to talk to them. The Internet has made this easy, as you can at least see and talk to a person no matter where he lives.

Similarly, if people like your book and want to connect with you, they can do it on your website. They can know about you on your website if you have written an ‘About Me’ section. Moreover, it’s easy to make a website in 2022. You can quickly build a website with an online application that lets you create a website using drag-and-drop functions. However, it can lack creativity and attractiveness if you don’t make excellent designs. You also need the latest features and an easy interface for your website. We recommend hiring a UI/UX designer who has experience in author website design making. He will make you an attractive website that suits you the best.

2. Recognition of you and your book

Marketing will become easier if you have a website for your book. Search engines work on algorithms. Whatever query people search, they see videos, books, articles, and multiple contents related to it on their search results page. If you have a website of your book that you have optimized, your book will appear in the organic search results and reach thousands or more people. Moreover, you can do paid advertising for your book on social media platforms and even on search engine results pages. This way, you will not only sell your book to more people, but you will also become famous since people would read about you too if they like your book. You might become a celebrity after some time.

3. Sell your Book at your Price

When you publish your book on your website, you have the freedom to decide any price you want for it. However, we suggest not setting its price too high in the beginning. You can increase the cost of your book after you have sold it several times. It will show people that your book is quality work and that people loved reading it. Therefore, it has sold lots of copies. So, in the long term, you could charge more for your book too.

4. Newsletter

If you are fond of movie stars, you might have seen them talk to their fans through social media a few times in a year. They go live and answer questions fans write to them. Sometimes they put ‘Ask me a Question’ stories on their Instagram profiles, and fans ask them questions. They often go live and share a split-screen with their fans too. An author can be a celebrity too, just like JK Rowling, the famous Harry Potter novels author. The primary purpose is to connect the fans with their liked celebrities. You can do this by newsletter and contact form on your websites. A user can send you his thoughts on your book through the contact form. You can also share your thoughts more like a conversation with your fans through the newsletter option.

5. Multiple Sources of income

You can unfold several income streams if you make a website for your book. The primary source you would look forward to is selling your book. But you can earn by running ads on your website as well. Although, we don’t recommend it as it makes your site look like a supermarket. You can also sell related products on your website through affiliate marketing. However, ensure that the product you are talking about makes sense to your niche. For instance, if you talked about a health issue in your book, you can then talk about a related gadget, for example, a tool that helps you straighten your back and round shoulders.

To summarise what we learned above, a website can 

  • Help you present yourself on the internet everywhere in the world
  • make yourself and your book famous without spending too much money
  • Sell your book at whatever price you like
  • Connect with your audience easily
  • You can design your author’s website yourself but we recommend hiring a professional since he’d design an excellent interface of your website.
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