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Difficult for Teenagers to Procure Abortion Pills Available In UAE

Two emergency contraceptive Abortion Pills Available In UAE containing the hormone levonorgestrel are approved for over-the-counter use and are available over the counter: Plan B (including a single pill version called Plan B One-Step) and trademarks. There is no trademark called Next Choice.

Preception For Abortion Pills In UAE

In most states, anyone over the age of 17 can take the pill without a prescription, according to the U.A.E government. by decision of the. Food and Drug Administration in 2009. However, new research suggests that the drug is not always available in some pharmacies, or staff may think that only older patients can get it without a prescription – and teens may find it harder to get. As a result, it is difficult for them to prevent a crisis.

According To Health Expert

A pediatrician at Abortion Pills Available In UAE and lead author of the study, told the Institute of Pediatrics.For the study, Wilkinson and his team called each pharmacy in five different cities and pretended to be a girl or a 17-year-old doctor as a candidate for pills. Two Boston University research assistants called the pharmacy and asked if they were allowed to impose an emergency shutdown that day. If the answer is yes, they are asked the question Is it okay if I’m 17?

Phamacies For Abortion Pills

About 80% of pharmacies were found to be informed girls and doctors that emergency prophylaxis was available in their stocks. But even then, one in five young people called to find it impossible to get the vaccine at his age. In the absence of afternoon Abortion pills in Dubai for sale , more than a third of pharmacies offer no alternative for girls to get them. Pharmacies misrepresent the age limits for 43 percent of “ladies” and 39 percent of “doctors,” the survey found.

About Pregencies process

I’ve heard anecdotes from my patients and other doctors that teens are really hard to avoid a crisis,” Wilkinson said. But when one in five girls was not vaccinated at the fair, I was shocked, she said.
According to researchers, such misinformation can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Wilkinson said. “It highlights some of the barriers that young people face in using emergency prevention.”

Early access to these drugs is important because they work best within 24 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure, according to Wilkinson and colleagues. According to the study, the chances of pregnancy increase by about 50% every 12 hours after the event.


An obstetrics researcher not involved in the new study said the results showed little change over the years in terms of education and emergency prevention opportunities. Said he and his colleagues did a similar study more than a decade ago and found that even providers who claimed to have emergency prevention did not help women not always get pills. “You get abnormal results, although in this case it seems to be fading or you don’t know any age-related trends, he told Reuters Health today.

Some people may be opposed to crisis restrictions and don’t want to deal with it, and some people don’t know about the law and the facts, said assistant Christopher Estes.

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