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Diamond Rings Elegantly Understated for the Modern Bride-To-Be

Diamonds are a sign of love, commitment, values, and traditions. People have always turned to diamond jewelry when they want to entice their special lady. Because why not? Women love diamonds because it makes them feel valued, loved, and royal. So, there is nothing better than a diamond ring to seal the promise for life. 

The engagement rings this year are all about keeping things simple and elegant. But, lowkey does not mean underwhelming, and minimalistic does not equal plain. Diamonds fit this trend as well. Thanks to their versatility!

Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds

Proposal rings with a diamond mounted on the top are not always extravagant. There are a variety of ways you can keep them simple yet elegant.

Like fashion trends, jewelry trends also change every year. Different stones, designs, and metals keep making in and out of the trends. However, some hard gems like diamonds are never out of style and are always in favor. The reason is that they are classy, luxurious, and elegant.

The lab-grown diamonds display the same physical and optical scintillation and sparkle as natural diamonds. They are almost impossible to differentiate and take only a few days to grow. 

But, the interesting fact is that they are less expensive when compared to natural diamonds. Hence, there is no mystery why the notion of lab grown diamond rings is becoming so popular with time.

So, if you are looking for a diamond wedding band within budget, this is your answer. Most women wear their wedding rings for the rest of their lives. So, invest in a perfect and sparkling proposal ring that she remembers forever. There should be no compromise in expressing to your partner that they matter.

Rings with Side Diamonds

Large diamonds are not for everyone. Therefore, most women prefer a fine centerpiece bordered with smaller side stones encrusted in the band. Diamond rings featuring side stones are a must-have for someone who wants an enhanced sparkle factor.

You might be wondering how a ring can look simple with extra diamonds on it?

Accent diamonds indeed enhance the brilliance of the ring. But, intelligent engineering goes into such items, so the extra diamonds do not overwhelm the simplicity of the design.

Sculpted Metals for Bands

When it comes to keeping the engagement rings simple, you have to let the design speak for itself. Usually, the diamond centerpiece makes the statement, and the band metal is merely a conversational element. That is why diamond rings have silver, gold, or platinum for their bands.

Such metals are highly versatile and can mold into any shape or design of your choice. You can use this feature to your benefit.

Designs like tapered or twisted rope bands add a personality to a minimalistic ring. They create interest and draw the eyes to the centerpiece of the ring. Likewise, the bezel setting that encases the gem in the halo of the metal is another minimalistic design popular among people of all generations.

If you go for sculpted metal designs, choose a thinner band and satin finish to maintain the ring’s stunning elegance. You can also get the diamond small and round with the sculptural setting to keep the ring as unobtrusive as possible.

The Delicacy of Details

Solid and plain metal bands are not the only way to create an elegant ring. You can choose a setting that features romantic etchings, for instance, a vintage floral pattern.

In addition, you can use different diamond cuts and shapes to add interest to your minimalistic ring. For instance, an emerald or Asscher-shaped diamond can add a sleek and vintage feel to the ring. The regal step facet cuts displayed by such diamond shapes keep the ring understated.

Romantic and delicate etchings decorate a band without affecting its simplicity. The key is to keep the centerpiece diamond as simple as possible so that it sits well with the delicacy of the band design.

Colored Diamonds

It is not only the white or colorless diamonds that make an elegant ring. Adding a little pop of color to the item can make it attractive without compromising its elegance.

People realized that black diamonds also make an aesthetic statement when Mr. Big presented a black diamond ring to Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City.” Afterward, it became one of the hottest jewelry trends still popular today. Similarly, the beauty of black on black has also fascinated some people for its stylish and sleek appearance.

Apart from black, some people prefer colored diamond pieces on their wedding bands. Thanks to the versatility of the lab-created diamonds, adding a hue of color to a ring is no big deal now.

Try Different Ring Settings

Solid bands are a traditional choice and have ultimate simplicity. So, for your simple engagement ring, try different settings.


Such an engagement ring features one gem on top of a metal band. It is the most common ring design, but you can make it unique by choosing a different band design and diamond shape.

A solitaire ring is the best choice for your bride if she likes subtle and small jewelry.

Solitaire With Accent Stones

The side stones in a ring do not necessarily have to be diamonds. You can choose from a range of colorful gems. For instance, an arrangement of ethereal sapphires makes a dazzling ring.

Trinity Diamond Ring

A triple diamond or trilogy ring features three stones in the center. The traditional three-stone design has one larger diamond fixed in the center of two smaller diamonds.

It is a timeless design that can travel down generations. Besides, its three stones beautifully symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Simple engagement rings can never go out of style and are the epitome of elegance. There is no way anything can go wrong with a diamond-adorned proposal ring.

But, before ordering an engagement ring, talk to your partner to understand her choices better. Then, do your digging and take her ring size. Make sure everything is perfect because the moment you go down on your knees should be memorable.

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